Things to consider before buying commercial air filtering Systems

What Are Commercial Air Filtering Systems

These days the indoor air is found to be more polluted than the outside air. This polluted air contains germs and bacteria which can cause several respiratory problems. These days Air filtering systems are being used increasingly as it cleans the air of the home or office. But there are a lot of things which should be kept in mind while choosing a commercial air filtering System.

Why do we need an air filter?

When choosing an air filtering system, try analysing the air qualityat workplace. If any person is suffering from allergies, then , air purifiers which are designed specifically to kill germs and remove dust particles should be bought. These models feature HEPA filters, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, which are proven to eliminate 99.97% of common airborne allergens sized at 0.3 microns and larger. These include pollen, dust, dust mites. HEPA air purifiers are considered as the most efficient air Purifying systems in the market.

What kind of features do I need in my filtering system?

When buying an air filering system, always ask for what features the appliance has. See if it can be moved from one room to another or has remote control, if the fan speed can be controlled or not, if air quality sensor is present or not or if filter change indicator is present or not. Always do a complete research on the product and do not hesitate to ask concerned people.

What size of commrercial air filterdo I need?

To choose the right size air purifier according to your need is very important, as you need it to place it in your cubicle/chamber, that does not acquire much space. Try to measure the area of your room and then decide the size of the appliance you can fit in your room. You don’t want your air purifying system to take the whole space of your room.

Where to install the system?

In most situations, it is recommended to place the air purifier where most of the time is spent.Centrally placed air filtering systems work the best. Keep in mind that portable air purifiers are designed primarily to purify the air in one room only, so you may need to invest in additional units for other rooms.

How much maintenance is needed for the filtering system?

If you’re using an air purifier with a filter, there’s a limit upto which a purifier can purify. The manufacturer is also going to tell you as for how long a filter can work. For example, the HEPA filter might last for one year whereas the carbon filter might need to be changed within 6 months. So, ask your manufacturer about all these because, when a filter wears out it basically stops cleaning the air.

So, all these are the basic questions in a person’s mind before buying an air purifier. All these should be kept in mind before investing in such an appliance.

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