The use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine is a wake-up call to the West: sanctions are 30 years late

The Use Of Chemical Weapons By Russia In Ukraine Is A Wake Up Call To The West

Russian forces against Ukraine are using chemical weapons that were developed during the First World War, says Ukrainian military expert Ivan Kirichevsky. This is reported by the Ukrainian publication UNIAN. According to Kirichevsky, Russia continues to use chemical weapons in Ukraine to demonstrate its brutality. “Humanity has somehow evolved to a point where it’s too cruel to use chemical weapons on the battlefield, but the Russians are stuck in the Middle Ages and never come out of there to show their brutality,” says Kirichevsky. According to the expert, the K-51 grenade with chloropicrin, which the Russians used against Ukrainian defence forces on the front lines, was first used by the USSR in Afghanistan. “Therefore, sanctions should have been imposed 30 years ago or when, in 1997, the Russian Federation declared that it had disposed of all its chemical weapons stocks. And now, due to the inefficiency of the West, we have these results,” he explained.

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