The Rule Of Three’s

The Rule Of Three’s

Many survival lessons can be condensed down to acronyms and mnemonic that serve to simplify a process. As it can be a big decision maker for the priority of how you should procure resources, that’s what survival is all about generally. There are many variations of the rule of threes and for the purpose of posterity I will go over the traditional rule of threes in this article. 

 The main element of survival which applies to this process or really any guideline for survival is time. Time limits what you can do during the day in normal circumstances but, in an uncertain situation this is even more so–an issue. To follow the rules like this is to give yourself more organization of thought. They are an important process of organization that you can and should use to the fullest extent. 

3 Minutes Without Air

 It is hard to gauge in certain situations where air is a limited resource. In a specific situation of ensuring ultimate survival wheter its in a panic room or bunker. The Castellex Air 550 NBC Air Filtration System or the use of an NBC air filter system should be on the list of things to add to your bunker or panic room. What is the purpose of having an NBC air filter? It is an air filtering system that is able to filter out Nuclear Biological Contaminants (NBC). There is a whole market for this kind of product, whether its for industrial uses or home uses. It can run in extreme conditions, in which, it can use a backup system for power and has high blast protection–up to 123 psi. 

 This may seem like an unlikely situation to even happen but, it can only add an extra layer of protection to your home or business. The rule itself of surviving 3 minutes without air can apply to when someone loses consciousness from drowning or suffocating. The ABC’s of first aid are also important to understand in order to minimize the danger of dying. Airway is of higher priority than bleeding and circulation but all conditions should be treated within an hour of losing consciousness if a person is able to survive. 

3 hours without shelter

This rule is applicable to providing protection from the weather in extreme conditions or when heat and cold should need to be addressed. This can be applied to making a shelter and providing security for yourself. There are many ways hypothermia, as well as hyperthermia can quickly become a threat. Here is an added list that goes over the important elements of shelter.

Clothes-  It can be smart to have a shirt that can protect against sun or wind and rain and snow. Flannel is a good layer of protection against the elements, especially, if it’s made out of a light cotton blend.

Shelter– A good shelter to have is something that is multipurpose and multi-functional. Having a tarp that is made of high-quality material like canvas that can be used for different kinds of shelter is also good. One of the simplest of shelters is by using two trekking poles stuck in the ground to hold up the canvas on one side and using rocks to hold the opposite side down. So, it is possible to build a shelter with minimal or no tools. 

Cordage– This item is very useful and could be one of the most crucial to building a shelter of any kind or for any other use you can think of. One example, may be using cordage for setting up a small trap or snare. 

Knots- This application of cordage and/or any rope that you have is a skill that must be developed as much as possible before being in a survival situation. Although, any ability to tie even the simplest of knots is a good start but, a more practiced hand can efficiently solve many problems before they begin.  

Cutting tool– A knife, axe or saw can be great but, recognize that different kind of cutting tools have different uses. One of the most versatile is a knife which is easily the most lightweight and can even be bought with a flint stick fire starter which can be even more helpful. 

Fire- Although, fire is lower on this list, it isn’t lower in priority. It is important to understand that fire as a heat source can be multipurpose in a survival situation. It can serve as a way to keep warm, to cook, to ward off predators and see in the dark. It also can help boost morale–especially during cold nights. 

Insects– Well, this isn’t just a problem of dealing with insects but, other threatening creatures like snakes and rodents that can attack even if they seem unprovoked. Something as small as mosquitos can cause constant annoyances only shelter can protect from.

Light– A good light source is fire, for both utilitarian and comfort reasons. Another type of light source that can be a really good option is headlamp flashlight, which can serve as a go between when a fire isn’t always possible. 

3 Days Without Water

 A good amount of time after setting up camp and having successfully bought yourself time after following the previous rules, water will become more important. Although, it is good to have water with you while out in a rural area, it is limited to the amount you can carry. Being aware of how much water you have and how long you can make it last is one of the challenges you might have to deal with. Water should be secured or conserved and making last as long as possible will accomplish a lot. 

The challenge of not having water can come in any situation. For a home situation, you may not have easy access to water if a blackout or brownout has happened. The actual idea is to make it a situation where you can at least have access to water and that can be possible by using what tools you have as a rainwater catchment system. You can even use really anything that can hold water (as long as its clean) whether it be a water bottle or a bucket to use. It can be useful to catch condensation and rain water. Outside of the home, while hiking or camping you could use many materials or containers to catch water but the lighter the better.

3 Weeks Without Food

 Food is good when you can find it but, it is a resource that needs to be conserved; with one person that’s easy but, with more it can be a challenge. Of course, the best situation would be to ration out your meals even if you are on your own. In this process it is at the lowest priority. 

Mindset For Survival

 Mindset is also another possible element that can be added here just as the needs of being prepared and having a plan for a group is important. In a group of people there is always some sort of conflict, when its family it can add even more stress to an already stressful situation. You can even have a conflict within yourself if you are on your own. What you shouldn’t do is dwell on what you weren’t prepared for and what’s out of your control. Instead, using a memory aid such as, the rule of three’s to help organize things and come up with a plan is always better than panicking.

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