The risk of a nuclear “Armageddon” is at its highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

The Risk Of A Nuclear Armageddon Is At Its Highest Level Since The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Biden: Putin is not joking about nuclear weapons. US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that the world is facing its greatest danger since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when Russia was at war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not joking when he talks about the possible use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, the White House press office quoted J. Biden as saying at a Democratic Party fundraising event in New York. The President said he did not think there was any way to use tactical nuclear weapons that would not end in armageddon. Russia has recently annexed four regions of Ukraine in violation of international law, and V. Putin has said that Moscow will consider Ukrainian attacks on those regions to be attacked on Russia itself and will use all means to defend them. Washington has been sending warnings to Moscow for some time now that the use of nuclear weapons would have serious consequences. However, the White House has not publicly commented on the consequences. The US government has also said that it has not seen any specific actions by Russia to use nuclear weapons. The Cuban Missile Crisis is considered the tensest period of the Cold War. In October 1962, the two superpowers – the US and the Soviet Union – came closest to a nuclear war. The crisis ended when US President John F. Kennedy promised not to attack Cuba, and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev ordered the removal of nuclear weapons from Cuba.

Castellex Air550 NBC Air Filtration Systems are designed for an easy DIY installation. It comes as a complete set, where the NBC station, blast valve, blast-protected overpressure valve, pipes, fittings etc.. included. Air550 can be installed in purpose-built fallout shelters as well as in basement or root cellar conversions. 

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