The Importance of Advanced Air Purification/ Ventilation Systems in Enclosed Spaces

The Importance Of Advanced Air Purification Systems In Enclosed Spaces

Soon after the COVID-19 hit, people started snatching up air purification systems for their homes and offices. The air purification/ventilation devices scrub the air from any bacteria and virus, reducing their risk of falling sick.

Air Purification/Ventilation Systems are essential for enclosed spaces like schools, restaurants, offices, and homes to prevent you from COVID-19 and many other diseases. One must understand the importance and benefits of air purification/ventilation systems properly. This article will help you understand the need and preference and advantages of air purification/ventilation systems.

Need and Importance of Air Purification/Ventilation System

Most coronavirus disease transmission occurs in an enclosed space, mainly due to the inhalation of airborne particles containing coronavirus. The best and simple way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in an enclosed space is to keep infected people away. But this is not so simple because around 40% of the cases are asymptomatic, and these people can still spread the coronavirus to others.

Is COVID-19 an Airborne Disease? 

There are many ways in which COVID-19 can spread through contact, a person’s respiratory droplets, and air and animals. Although it is still unclear that COVID-19 spreads through air or not, but one should follow the precautionary measures.

For several months, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have claimed that COVID-19 spreads through the droplets coming out of an infected person’s mouth.

But there are several reports like anecdotal that highlights that COVID-19 could be an airborne disease (a disease that spreads through the air). Now the World Health Organization has also changed its perspective and believes that COVID-19 is an airborne disease.

Obeying simple SOPs like social distancing and wearing a mask does prevent the virus from spreading int the environment. But the major problem is what if an infected person is inside an enclosed space? Viruses from an affected person will escape into the air, and your chances of getting infected increases.

How will you prevent yourself when the virus has spread in the air of an enclosed space? There are usually three options one might think. 

  1. To bring in fresh air from the outside environment. 
  2. To remove the virus from the air inside the enclosed space.
  3. Use a device that can do both ventilation and purification.

Let us discuss these solutions in detail.

Bring in Fresh Air

A proper ventilation system should be proposed to bring in the fresh air. Most of the enclosed spaces like homes, offices, and restaurants have only one source of getting fresh air from outside, which are windows. But the problem is many buildings in the US do not meet the proper ventilation rates. 

To meet the proper ventilation rates, the idea is to put a fan blowing air out and bringing in the fresh air. So, it is possible to bring in fresh air from outside.

Remove Virus from Inside Air

If you are in such an enclosed space where it is difficult to bring in fresh outside air, consider an air purifier. An air purifier is a device the removes bacterial and virus particles from the air. The machine commonly uses a filter made up of tightly-woven fibers.

These devices capture the particles that contain viruses and bacteria in them and help reduce disease transmission. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that air purifiers can capture the particles of COVID-19 and hence prevent you from getting infected by COVID-19.

Do Ventilation as well as Purification.

The best approach is to get such a device that can do both ventilation as well as purification. Castellex is a UK based manufacturing company that has designed such tools that can do both ventilation and purification simultaneously.  

Castellex Bio series air purifiers remove airborne bacteria and viruses quickly and efficiently and make the place much safer for employees and customers. Castellex is a company that uses its vast knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing advanced air purification and ventilation systems. 

Castellex is a UK based manufacturer of very sophisticated stand-alone air purifiers and air ventilation/ purification systems. Bio series air purifiers reduce the concentration of COVID-19 in the air, which lowers the risk of getting infected.

Benefits of Air Purification/Ventilation System for our Health

Air contains many particles that can be hazardous for our health. Air Purification/Ventilation systems feature advanced filtration technology capable of capturing harmful particles. Air Purification/Ventilation systems have some benefits, which is why you should have one for your restaurant, retail shop, office, or house.

  1. Air Purification/Ventilation systems reduce allergies, fight asthma, and other respiratory issues.
  2. It reduces smell and odours in an enclosed space.
  3. Air Purification/Ventilation systems capture any bacteria or viruses like COVID-19 in an enclosed space.
  4. Air Purification/Ventilation System prevents you from outdoor air pollution and protects the mould walls. 
  5. Studies have shown that air pollutants can cause an increase in mental stress. Air purification/ventilation systems reduce air pollutants and hence reduces mental stress.
  6. Air Purification/Ventilation System captures toxins particles in the air and hence proves to benefit your skin. 
  7. Air Purification/Ventilation System also repel mosquitoes and saves you from the diseases caused by the mosquitos.

These were some of the benefits of air purification/ventilation system. Castellex Air series purifiers are best in the fast reduction and elimination of airborne particles. Castellex Air series purifiers provide you with all the above advantages and which is why you should consider having one in your house. 


Whether or not COVID-19 is an airborne disease, one should follow all the precautionary measures. There are different ways to prevent yourself from an airborne illness like coronavirus, which is to bring in the fresh air, purify the existing one, and the best one is to do both at the same time.  

Air Purification/Ventilation System has different benefits and removes the smell and air pollutants and stress etc. Air Purification/Ventilation Systems must be installed in every enclosed space. Castellex Air series purifiers is one of the top advance air purifiers manufacturing company that prevents you from COVID-19 and many other diseases.

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