The Coronavirus as an Airborne Infection

The Coronavirus As An Airborne Infection


The aerial transmission of the Coronavirus, also called Corvid-19, could be a possibility in very crowded places and especially in poorly ventilated houses. These new findings could mean that there is a need for new guidelines for the interior setting. Initially, the World Health Organization had said the disease is exclusively by way of droplets whenever a person sneezes or coughs. However, many scientists have criticized the world body of miscalculating the airborne spread. The discovery has been brought forward by Jose Jimenez, who is a chemist working with the University of Colorado.

It must be clear that the criticism should not act as an attack on the World Health Organization, but rather as a debate. The scientists further stated that they needed to make the public aware of their discovery by way of going as the health body refused to acknowledge their findings even after making conversations with them. Besides, professor Benjamin Cowling from Hong Kong University has come out and talked to the BBC that the discoveries have very vital implications.

In healthcare surroundings, in case of spray diffusion poses a higher risk, then the medics need to wear the best preventive gear. The World Health Organization mentioned that one of the main reasons they were not willing to acknowledge the airborne transmission of the Coronavirus due to the fact of lack of enough masks for everyone. To counter the claim brought about by the scientists, the World Health Organization cautioned that the evidence is only a preliminary and so needs more assessment. Further, the health body through its technical officer in charge preventing infection and control called Benedetta Allegranzi stated that the evidence coming from airborne diffusion of the Coronavirus in places with overcrowding, poor ventilation cannot be ignored. By acknowledging the possibility of an aerosol diffusion, he commended that in communities, people should know the risks involved and should adopt safer ways like choosing ways of preventing mass outbreaks and especially those occurring in indoor places with deprived air circulation.

A Shifting Position

For months now, since the emergence of Coronavirus, the World Health Organization insisted that the virus spreads by precipitations discharged whenever individuals sneeze or cough. They emphasized that the droplets from coughs and sneezing fall and get attached to the surfaces. It is due to this belief that the world body insists on handwashing as the primary prevention measure. Many scientists have come out strongly to condemn this. According to them, there is solid proof that this virus could also spread through air circulation. Sprays circulation can be treated through tinier atoms circulate for some time when people talk, sneeze, or breathe. However, the World Health Organization has admitted there is proof to suggest aerosol circulation like in overcrowded places.

The suggestion, therefore, need to be evaluated, and if sufficiently proven, then the prevention of the spread needs to change. Also, if confirmed, then it means that people need to adhere to more use of masks at homes, more observation on social distancing, especially in public places like restaurants, bars, and while using public transport. Since prevention is better than cure, it is thus essential that people trap the virus circulating in the air before infecting other members of the family, employees, and also employees. However, people need to understand that controlling airborne precipitation are not the only way to control the virus. Therefore, it is essential that people follow vital rules to control the infection by avoiding overcrowding, frequent and appropriate washing of hands together with cleaning surfaces as a way of protecting family members and other loved ones.

As a result of the discovery that Coronavirus can spread through precipitations from coughs and sneezes, companies have come up with ways and systems that could assist in spreading the disease by means of airborne infections. An example of such a company is Castellex Air Bio series air filtration systems. The primary characteristic of this company are that it uses Air40 Bio, which is economically viable compared to other purifiers made to control airborne impurities, including those found indoors in places like homes and offices. It is active at the time of isolating a corvid patient in the same house since it minimizes the concentration of biological particles in the air hence lowering the chances of a person near the patient getting infected. However, people must realize that Air40 Bio cannot trap odors and VOCs.

Another characteristic of the company is that it uses Air70 Bio, which is also cost-effective. It is also useful when applied in houses, hotels, bedrooms, and offices to reduce chances infection by getting into contact with infected persons by reducing the concentration of airborne impurities. Unlike, Air40 Bio, it absorbs odors and VOCs. Air70 Bio is second in the line but still cost-effective and affordable compared to most air purifiers designed to reduce the concentration of airborne pollutants, including biological ones in enclosed spaces, like sitting rooms, bedrooms, small offices, etc. A practical solution during self-isolation in the same house, apartment, hotel, etc. with somebody already feels symptoms of the disease. It removes or at least reduces the concentration of dangerous particles, biological pollutants, like bacteria or viruses in the air, reducing the chance for somebody nearby to get infected/ to catch the disease. Activated carbon filter built into Air70 Bio traps and absorbs VOCs or Odours in the room.

There are also Air90 Bio, Air350 Bio, Air550 Bio, which are also cheaper compared to other air purifiers, and they filter bacteria and viruses from the coughing and sneezing. They, therefore, remove airborne impurities and so reduce contaminants. Finally, it is essential to note that this equipment is designed in a way that cannot kill viruses and bacteria. They only trap and capture the airborne pollutants and hence reduce infections from airborne infections. Lastly, it is very important even with the discovery that coronavirus is airborne, people should continue observing the measures initially given by the World Health Organization like keeping social distance, wearing masks among other safety measures.

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