Since the start of the large-scale war, Russia has carried out 626 chemical attacks in Ukraine

Since The Start Of The Large Scale War, Russia Has Carried Out 626 Chemical Attacks In Ukraine

This was reported by the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Support Forces on the social network Facebook, as announced by “Ukrinform.” The statement reads, “Defense forces have recorded 626 cases of the Russian Federation using munitions equipped with toxic chemical substances. Of these, 51 cases were recorded just this January.” The report states that the enemy most frequently employs grenades such as K-51 and RGR. However, self-made explosive devices with irritating substances are also used. Additionally, shelling with artillery shells containing chemically hazardous substances has been documented.

On December 14, 2023, Ukraine detected the use of a new type of special RG-VO gas grenades containing the chemical substance CS. According to the War Studies Institute, the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet confirmed that they deliberately used chemical weapons against Ukrainian forces, clearly violating the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Russia is a signatory.

On Thursday January 17th Ukraine announced that its security services had detained a Russian spy. The Ukrainian Security Service reported that they had apprehended a student who had collected and provided information to Moscow about locations where toxic substances are stored, enabling Russia to potentially target them. “SBU cyber specialists detained an agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FST) engaged in espionage in the Odesa region,” said the Ukrainian Security Service. “The main task of the perpetrator was to identify and transmit coordinates of locations where toxic substances, including warehouses and pesticide storage facilities, are kept,” added the SBU. According to the Ukrainian Security Services, the suspect, facing imprisonment up to life for charges of treason, had been contacted by the FST at the end of last year and promised payment for this task. The SBU stated that Russia’s goal was to “provoke an ecological disaster” in the southern Black Sea coastal region, which Russia has consistently targeted with drones and missiles.

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