Russians Employ Chemical Weapon in Attack on Ukrainian Forces

Russians Employ Chemical Weapon In Attack On Ukrainian Forces

Russian troops have reportedly deployed a chemical weapon simultaneously in two sectors of the Ukrainian front, near Bachmut and Svatove, according to the open-source intelligence site “Deep State”. The announcement states, “Two instances of chemical weapon use were recorded in the Svatove and Bachmut directions.” It is claimed that the Russians likely used chloropicrin, which is said to be abundant and has been previously employed against Ukrainian forces. “Deep State” also noted that Avdiivka remains the hottest spot on the front, but Russian forces are simultaneously conducting offensive operations in many other areas, posing significant challenges in managing reserves. “Russia, sparing no reserves, sends units into battle earlier than they are ready. For example, the enemy’s 104th Airborne Division, whose actions were supposed to be coordinated by December 1st, is already either in the Kherson region or advancing towards it,” added analysts from “Deep State.” Chloropicrin is a liquid with a pungent irritant odor. In high concentrations, it is toxic and harmful to humans. In July 2023, it was also reported that Russians used a chemical weapon near Bachmut.

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