Remembering The Rule Of Threes And How It Relates To Coronavirus Preparedness

Castellex Air550hcc Ultimate Nbc Air Filtration Unit

Anyone who has been a survivalist/ prepper/ camper for any length of time is sure to have heard of the Rule of Threes. For those who may have forgotten, the Rule of Threes goes like this:

You can only survive for:
● 3 Weeks without food
● 3 Days without water
● 3 Hours without shelter (in extreme conditions)
● 3 Minutes without air

The Rule of Threes is important because it prioritizes our actions in an emergency situation. Most people who prep have got the first two covered. Shelves full of canned food, MREs, or dehydrated food and either bottled water or the means of water purification. And unless you’re stranded somewhere, shelter is usually covered as well. However, clean air is an essential that is often overlooked until it’s too late. If there was an NBC situation, such as a chemical agent attack or biological contagion, how would you protect yourself and your family? Where would you go? If you’re an employer, would your employees be safe?

Castellex is a U.K. based company that specializes in NBC air filtration systems for residential or commercial applications. Their wide range of air filtration systems can protect your home or business in the event of any unforeseen NBC threat in the future.

SHTF Scenario: Coronavirus Pandemic
It seems like the Coronavirus pandemic snuck up on us overnight. One day everything is normal and the next day shops are out of essentials like toilet paper, meats, and bread. Businesses are closed down and governments across the country are enforcing curfews and stay-home orders. This is the exact situation that preppers are preparing for.

The Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China in November or December of 2019. It is said to have originated in bats and then passed to an intermediary species such as pigs before being passed to humans. Throughout January and February of 2020, it spread like wildfire all over China, from the smallest village to large cities. By the end of February, it had spread into Europe and North and South America, with the largest number of cases outside of China being from Italy. There is no vaccine to combat Coronavirus yet, and fear and confusion have gripped people around the world. The general public was caught unprepared by the fast-spreading virus. In America, the first real national effect of the virus was when an NBA team canceled their game right before tip-off without any explanation. A few hours later it was announced that a member of the team had tested positive for COVID-19, and the team doctor urged officials to cancel the game and quarantine both teams’ players. Later that night, the NBA took the unprecedented step of suspending their entire season for an indefinite length of time. The next day, other sports leagues across North America and the world also suspended their seasons. Soon after that, governments around the world began to implement curfews and shut down businesses such as restaurants and cinemas.

All of a sudden preppers didn’t seem so crazy. Stores ran out of essentials like meat, bread, toilet paper, and cleaning products such as Lysol and hand sanitizer. One thing that not many preppers thought about was how to purify the air that they breathe (remember the Rule of Threes). That resulted in a shortage of respirator masks and even military-style gas masks. Now that it looks like the Coronavirus is here to stay, people are starting to look to more permanent solutions for protecting themselves and their families. One way to do that is with a biological air filtration system.
Castellex NBC Air Filtration Systems
Castellex offers a wide range of NBC air filtration systems for both residential, commercial, and marine use. Their products filter up to 99.99% of particles down to 0.03 microns in size. This efficiency results in Castellex products earning the highest possible HEPA rating of H14.

Castellex NBC Air Filtration Systems are the perfect addition to your panic room, safe room, or bunker. They feature positive air pressure, which raises the air pressure inside the room, which pushes out outside air and contaminants and keeps them from entering the room. The only air that can get in is through the triple-filtered Castellex NBC Filtration System.

The Castellex NBC Air Filtration System offers you peace of mind in trying times.

Pictured below is the Castellex Air550HCC Ultimate NBC Air Filtration Station. The preppers dream. It features a four-stage filtration system with an internal battery backup.

Castellex Air550HCC Ultimate NBC Air Filtration Station

Castellex Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic
When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, many companies that specialize in air filtration immediately raised their prices in anticipation of a the increased demand for their products. Castellex had a different reaction to the crisis. They immediately expanded their manufacturing capacities and shortened their lead times. More importantly, they promised not to increase prices during the current worldwide panic caused by COVID-19. It’s refreshing to see a company that truly cares about their customer and not just making a profit.
Castellex is taking orders now for their line of NBC Air Filtration Systems. Nobody knows how long the threat of Coronavirus is going to last. More importantly, there’s no way to know when the next crisis will occur. Be prepared with Castellex. Whether it’s a nuclear or chemical attack or another biological panic, with a Castellex NBC Air Filtration System in your safehouse or panic room, you will have peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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