Putin ordered to conduct nuclear exercises involving soldiers deployed near Ukraine

Putin Ordered To Conduct Nuclear Exercises Involving Soldiers Deployed Near Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to conduct nuclear weapons exercises involving the navy and soldiers deployed near Ukraine, the Defense Ministry announced on Monday. “During the exercises, measures will be taken to practice the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Beginning the war in Ukraine, V. Putin intensified nuclear rhetoric, warning the nation in the summer that the danger of nuclear war is “real.” One of NATO’s most important advantages targeted by Russia: what threat it really poses and to whom ABROAD Italian media: NATO would directly intervene in the war if Russia crosses one of the two red lines ABROAD France, Poland, and Ukraine are increasingly talking about nuclear weapons – experts assess what these discussions mean Non-strategic nuclear weapons, also known as tactical nuclear weapons, can be used on the battlefield and can be carried by missiles. The ministry stated that the exercises will take place “in the near future” and their goal is to guarantee Russia’s territorial integrity “in the face of certain Western officials’ threats.” Aviation and naval forces will participate in the exercises, as well as the Southern Military District, which borders Ukraine and includes the occupied territories of Ukraine. Kremlin’s nuclear rhetoric during the war in Ukraine is causing growing concern among Western officials, with V. Putin often relying on Russia’s nuclear doctrine. Last year, Russia refused to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and withdrew from a key arms reduction treaty with the United States. The Financial Times recently reported on classified documents revealing under what circumstances Russia would consider using tactical nuclear weapons. According to the content of the documents, Russia has set the threshold lower than could have been assumed based on the country’s previous public statements. Experts at the time argued that, concerning Ukraine, Russia would likely have a higher threshold for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, as Ukraine lacks its own nuclear capabilities or the ability to initiate an invasion on the same scale as the United States or China. Additionally, a nuclear strike on Ukraine would likely prompt escalation of the conflict and direct intervention by the United States or Great Britain, “which is the last thing Putin wants.”

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