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With a three-stage filtration action guaranteeing 99.99% effectiveness, the Castellex Air 3300nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) filter ventilation system pumps out 300m3/h of fresh air for up to 30 people. Its 150 W power rating guarantees high-intensity usage for as long as required, and the triple-failsafe design includes a power unit, powerful backup battery, and a 2.6 kW backup generator—ensuring reliable operation even in the event of a mains and battery failure. Noise of operation is an impressive 61dBA: just over the level of normal conversation.

This nuclear biological chemical filter system elevates the air pressure within the protected environment, ensuring that harmful air is prevented from entering via any means other than the triple filter. The carbon filter is capable of scrubbing all known warfare gas from the air, as well as radioactive material, biological agents; exhaust gases, acidic gases, volatile organic compounds, iodine organic compounds, and more. Filtered harmful particles down to 0.3 microns (micrometres) are captured and stored in a hermetically-sealed unit for safe disposal.

As a complete chemical filter unit, the Castellex Air 3300 life support system (LSS)is suited for installation in all high-risk and heavy-duty environments. It can act as a nuclear fallout shelter air filter, a bomb shelter air filter, or as an air filtration system for underground bunkers and survival locations. But it can also be installed in domestic panic rooms, both at home and in mobile assets such as yachts, or in commercial environments. Protect family, friends, and employees in the event of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack—and create a safe haven from the after-effects of sudden natural or human-made disasters.

This filtration unit is supplied with all filters (pre, carbon, and HEPA) as well as 10 m of NBC pipe, two blast valves, and an overpressure valve. The blast valves safely control the elevated air pressure in your panic room, bunker, or military command citadel in the event of sudden massive changes in air pressure: they offer high protection up to 129 psi. Blast valve fixing kits are also supplied with the Castellex Air 3300 NBC system.

The system is fitted with a USB charger to keep mobile communications devices powered during a panic event. And it is available with optional add-ons including a mains socket, offering an excellent solution for the continued operation of other devices (for example a laptop) in blackout conditions. Other augmentations include a pressure indicator, an HVAC unit, an O2 indicator, and a replacement battery.

Available in white or black. This NBC filtration system is constructed in the UK from high-quality parts, and benefits from an attractive modern design.


Collective filtration system intended for up to 30 * people in panic room
The system provide 300 m3/h of fresh air
High blast protection (129 PSI)
Operated by electric power
Power backup system for operating without mains
Fail-safe power backup
Power generator
USB charger
“Castellex Air 3300 protect you from all known warfare gases and also Biological weapons/ contamination,
Radioactive contamination,
Radioactive Iodine and Iodine Organic Compounds,
Acidic gases,
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and more”

Air flow up to 300 m3/h
Power consumption 150W
Power supply 240 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Emergency generator power 2.6 kW
Generator engine type  two-stroke petrol engine
Hepa filter H14
Pre-filter F9
System efficiency 99.99%
Noise level dB A 61
Color design white or black


Castellex Air 3300 unit
Hepa filter
Carbon filter
Power generator 2.6 kW
2 x Blast valve
Overpressure valve
2 x Blast valve fixing set
Powerful backup battery
USB charger
NBC pipe 10m
Power unit
Power cord


Castellex Air 3300

Complete high-powered NBC air filtration station with filters pre-installed.

Intended for use in large panic rooms, nuclear fallout shelters, bomb shelters, military installations of all kinds, and high-risk-of-attack domestic and commercial premises, the Castellex Air 3300 life support system is fitted with a top-rated H14 HEPA filter, an F9-rated pre filter, and a carbon filter impregnated with activated carbon.


£34,500.00 + VAT

Additional products

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    £1,853.00 + VAT
  • Power generator

    £1,455.00 + VAT
  • HVAC unit

    £1,299.00 + VAT
  • O2 indicator

    £543.00 + VAT
  • Blast valve fixing set

    £98.00 + VAT
  • Adjustable overpessure valve 160

    £829.00 + VAT
  • Blast valve gasket set 160

    £148.00 + VAT
  • Battery replacement L

    £986.00 + VAT
  • Mains socket

    £249.00 + VAT
  • HEPA filter 3000 series

    £316.00 + VAT
  • Pressure indicator

    £420.00 + VAT
  • Blast valve 160

    £769.00 + VAT
  • NBC pipe set 160

    £568.00 + VAT
  • Automatic power generator

    £9,855.00 + VAT
  • Pre-filter 3000 series

    £122.00 + VAT
  • CARBON filter 3000 series

    £1,107.00 + VAT
  • Overpressure valve 160

    £579.00 + VAT

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