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North Korea Missile Tests Were Practice Runs To Hit The Us Military In Japan 11

Nuclear-capable missiles over Hokkaido, yet more rhetoric from North Korea, heightened terrorist threat across Europe, unexplained chemical clouds over eastern England, has there ever been a better time to think about your security in the event of an unforeseen attack or accident?

Surprisingly realistic in terms of price and practicality, Castellex NBC Air Series ventilation systems are designed for all eventualities and situations, providing clean filtered air for safe rooms, bunkers and enclosed units ranging in size from the smallest one-family fallout shelter to large scale bunkers capable of protecting large numbers of people over long periods of time.  Whether industrial accident or deliberate act, whether chemical, nuclear or biological, Castellex CBRN air ventilation systems guarantee fully autonomous systems designed to provide that critical lifeline in worst vase scenario. With multiple fail-safes, powerful backup batteries and optional power generators, continuous operation is ensured even the most dire circumstances.

 Protect your family. Protect your employees. Protect your assets. Castellex NBC systems, guaranteed life support and air quality control. For free consultation, for specifications and for discussions regarding your tailored needs, we remain at your disposal.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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