New Threats from V. Putin: Russia May Deploy Missiles Within Striking Distance of the West

New Threats From Putin Russia May Deploy Missiles Within Striking Distance Of The West

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he could deploy conventional missiles within striking distance of the United States and their allies in Europe if they allow Ukraine to strike deeper into Russia with long-range Western weapons. This assertion was made during Putin’s first face-to-face meeting with international news agency editors since the onset of the war in Ukraine. He claimed that the West is mistaken if it believes Russia would never use nuclear weapons and emphasized that the Kremlin’s atomic doctrine should not be taken lightly.

When asked about NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s calls to allow Ukraine to use Western weapons for strikes on Russian territory, Putin noted that there are different types of missiles but warned that allowing Kyiv to strike Russia with increasingly powerful weapons represents a serious escalation that brings the West closer to war with Russia, according to “Reuters.” He specified that Russia’s response would be to shoot down Western missiles, explicitly mentioning the U.S. ATACMS and British and French missile systems.

Putin also threatened that Moscow is considering the deployment of similar high-tech long-range missiles close enough to strike countries that have permitted Ukraine to use such missiles against Russian territory. “If we see that these countries are being drawn into the war against the Russian Federation, we reserve the right to act accordingly. Overall, this is a path to severe problems,” Putin warned. However, he did not specify exact locations.

U.S. President Joe Biden has authorized Kyiv to target military objectives within Russian territory using certain U.S.-supplied weapons. However, Washington still restricts Kyiv from attacking Russia with ATACMS missiles, which have a range of up to 300 km, and other U.S.-supplied long-range weapons. On May 3, during his visit to Kyiv, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron told “Reuters” that Ukraine has the right to use British-supplied weapons to strike targets on Russian territory and that it is up to Kyiv to decide whether to do so.

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