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New release: Castellex Air550UH Desert

Castellex Air550uh Desert

At the request of our partners from the Middle East, we modified our most popular NBC air filtration system Air550 and launched an upgraded version – Air550UH Desert. Air550UH Desert is designed to work in harsh dusty conditions. Crucial design modifications, composite materials, and the unique prefiltering system allow the Air550UH Desert to operate on our planet’s harshest / dustiest conditions without affecting the durability, longevity, and filtering efficiency of the Castellex NBC station. If you’re looking for the most reliable and efficient NBC air filtration system designed to work in extreme desert conditions, look no further – Castellex Air550UH Desert will not only meet but exceed all your expectations. It’s the ultimate NBC Air Filtration system for ultimate survival!
Air550UH Desert comes in the Sand Yellow colour only.

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