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Castellex Air350 Air Filtration City Smog

Air pollution may be a problem you don’t think about, but the truth is – you should. Because nothing is more vital to life than breathing – and the air we breathe, even indoors, is extremely polluted. While pollution is unavoidable, there is a way to ensure the air in your home is as healthy as could be. This solution is air filtration systems.

Castellex manufactures NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration Systems, which are widely used in military bunkers to protect against Nuclear and chemical contamination. However, now these air filtration systems are becoming more and more popular amongst regular people.

Castellex’s smaller, more compact Air300 and Air500 NBC stations are often being used by celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. They install these air filtration systems in their homes and even in their hotel rooms to ensure the air they are breathing is clean and healthy.

What exactly do the Air300 and Air500 systems do? They clean the air from the smog of the city, including both volatile chemicals and solid derivatives, such as the dust from brake pads, tires, and asphalt. Not to mention, the air filtration systems also ensure the customer’s survival in the unlikely event of a chemical or Nuclear accident in the city.


Air Filtration Systems Can Help Get Rid Of Allergens

People with bad allergies often turn to air purifiers with Hepa and Carbon filter elements to clean the air at home. However, they don’t always do the trick as well as Castellex air filtration systems.

Why? Because Hepa and Carbon filters clean the air only after it has penetrated into the room. It’s like playing a game of chance –  you never know where the pollen or other dangerous pollutants will go through first – the filter or the human’s respiratory system.

Not to mention, you’ve probably heard that activated charcoal is also used in air filtration systems. Well, that is true and it can be very beneficial – if you use an appropriate amount of it. Sadly, most manufacturers barely cover the air filters with charcoal. At best – there is just a couple of grams of it in the filtration system and that is not nearly enough. With Castellex, it is different.


Castellex Has Every Detail Thought Through To Ensure Perfection


Even the smallest, most compact air filtration systems manufactured by Castellex have at least 8 kilograms of 21 different types of impregnated activated charcoal, distributed over four filter cartridges.

As for the whole mechanism, unlike with Hepa and Carbon filters, the Castellex air filtration system pulls in the air from outside, cleanses it through all of the filters, and only then the clean air is released into the room. Afterward, the pressure washer installed inside the room assures constant overpressure. This ensures that the clean air from inside is slightly penetrating through all cracks and openings to the outside, but not the other way around. Pollutants, even theoretically, have no way to enter the home.

In order to avoid all possibilities of pollutants having access inside the home, the filtration system is equipped with backup battery assemblies that provide air supply and positive pressure support in the room even after a power failure. If the electricity does not come back in a few hours and the backup battery runs out, you can still have a further supply of clean air by mechanically turning the handle mounted on the side wall of the NBC system.

Castellex air filtration systems have every single detail thought through. These systems were designed to combat air pollutants, leaving them absolutely no chance to enter inside a home.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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