Lukashenko speaks about the danger of nuclear apocalypse if the West increases pressure on Russia

Lukashenko Speaks About The Danger Of Nuclear Apocalypse If The West Increases Pressure On Russia

 Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko emphasized the destructive danger of nuclear war if the West increases pressure on Russia over Ukraine. “One careless word, one move can provoke armed confrontation and even the use of nuclear weapons,” said the closest ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Minsk, quoted by the state news agency “Belta”. “If the situation inside Russia escalates menacingly, Russia will use all available arsenal. It will be an apocalypse.” Lukashenko, whose reelection in 2020 is not recognized by many countries due to alleged electoral fraud, spoke at the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly. The highest constitutional body of the former Soviet republic must adopt a new security doctrine. In this document, similar to Russia’s perspective, the increase of NATO forces in Eastern Europe is seen as a threat. Ukraine is the biggest threat to national security for Belarus, said Lukashenko. According to him, the West is trying to involve Minsk in this conflict. Since 2022, Belarus has not directly intervened in Russia’s war in Ukraine, but Lukashenko allowed his country to be used by Russian units. Moscow has deployed tactical nuclear weapons in the neighboring state. Lukashenko said that the military situation in Ukraine, despite Western support, is at a standstill. “The Russians will not leave Crimea or the eastern regions today,” he said. Therefore, it is allegedly time for negotiations. If Ukraine is to remain a state, Moscow and the West need to agree on parity, said Lukashenko. Meanwhile, Ukraine hopes to liberate all Russian-occupied territories.

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