Is social distancing enough? Are you safe in Quarantine?

Are You Safe In Quarantine

Find out about UK’s movement to clean the homes from within!

COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, or coronavirus; there are multiple designations to the devil. The world is working day and nights to come up with solutions that will help get rid of this pandemic. Governments are urging out to their fellow comrades to get up and help the world with the necessary armour of their own will. There are many sensible minds that choose to stay inside their abodes for a safe journey through this difficult time and for those, the most necessary item these days would be patience and air filters.

This could statistically lower down the community spread of the disease and help make staying at home more reliable and feasible as an extended effort from citizens who are willing to help. The government called out for help in the early days of March 2020 for ventilators in more numbers and air filters/HEPA filters for the safety of those who stay at home. It is not just a momentary subsidiary but a long term investment for you. They do not only help keep the airborne ill effects outside of your four walls but also prevent pollution, pollen, allergens and other undesirables from entering your safe and sanitized space.

Castellex has stepped up to help people to fight pandemic of COVID-19 in this difficult time. With specialisations in NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) air filters, the company has now shifted to strictly manufacturing the biological filters to extend as much help as possible. The need of the hour demands the biological threat to be eliminated and hence, a team effort towards standing up in the face of the pandemic. These products are no victim to the megalomaniac ways of lives and with the understanding factor of a difficult time; the prices also haven’t been raised to make it available to everyone and all of you.

Why Castellex?

One of the prime features of the carbon and HEPA filters with an apt amount of activated charcoal is to keep out allergens. The pressure washers installed along with the filters ensure that the pressure in the room has enough filtered and clean air to fill up the cracks and dark spaces in the room and not the other way round. Never hurts to have a little bit of extra clean air, yes?

So with this very technology, Castellex levels up the fight in the times of this pandemic with its stalwart products. The fatal elements and the risky derivatives are both kept out of the house for as long as time reigns. This very model is applied to the new manufacturing in the company which creates positive air pressure in the closed spaces. This disallows the contaminants to enter your room through the doors or the windows or the most minute of cracks through the walls. These systems have been under vigorous work as Castellex has been producing the NBC air filters for military use for years now. The air series guarantees safe and clean air in nuclear shelters in case of a conflict or just in case of caution as well. With the integrated air filtration system, a survival shelter can be the saviour for both military personnel and civilians equally. The rule of three states that you can only survive a maximum of three minutes without oxygen and Castellex helps to resolve the problem that overlooks an entire species.

How does Castellex guarantee clean air during COVID-19 virus?

The years’ worth of effort that has been put into combating the airborne evils of this world, the time demanded the expertise to look upon the virus as the primal problem of nations and nations together. Castellex, as a company that produces military-grade virus filters, has now come down to specifically producing coronavirus prevention machines. The existing technologies with the company have been looked into by the experts to bring about revolutionary new designs for you to breathe cleaner air today. The NBC air filters have been built on both smart and brute technology for the prevention of chaos during war or containment (due to pandemics as such). In the wake of need, all those technologies have been filtered to concentrate solely on the purification of the air that gets into your homes and with the positive pressure technology, to make sure the bad air stays out.

These filters, specifically Air40 Bio, Air70 Bio and Air90 Bio, have been made from the decocted labour and intelligence and hence are the best products on the market as of yet. They do not only secure your homes but are also viable for small commercial businesses/setups. The instant blocking of harmful outer bodies such as pollen and allergens is the basic function of these filters. Since the design is for nuclear bunkers, they easily prevent the constant incoming of polluting agents such as soot, smoke, dust etc. What the newer versions promise better is the security from ultrafine particle and mould VOCs (volatile organic compounds). But the services don’t discontinue here – it inadvertently protects you from harmful bacteria and certain viruses, which in this case is the coronavirus.

The Biological filter

So what does Castellex offer?

UV (Ultra-Violet) Light – guaranteed disposal of bacteria and viruses with the use of short-wavelength ultraviolet light to disinfect present/incoming air.

Pre-filter – the larger particles in the air like dust and soot that carry the germs are caught by the pre-filter. This filter has been rated an F7 for highest quality minimising of airborne particle transmission.

HEPA Filter – after the pre-filter, the particles that are still unfiltered are caught by the HEPA filter, furthering the process of air cleaning. It has been rated an H14 for quality.

Activated carbon filter – the enhanced prevention of poisonous gases is taken care of by the smart activated carbon filter. According to the experts, only 8%to 12% of activated carbon is what works wonders in the air filter industry.

Currently in use by industries such as hospitals, global militaries, commercial containments and nuclear bunkers, the Bio Filtration system at Castellex now additionally offers an internal backup battery system that can be easily installed without hassle. This provides you with the confidence of remaining secure even in the times of electric blackouts. It includes standby, ventilation and NBC mode settings for you to adapt to a range of air abnormalities. This creates a safe haven for you and your surroundings to be in the clear from the upcoming/on-going threats.

The Distinguishing features of Biofilters at Castellex

The Air40 Bio

Air40 Bio consists of a three-stage filtration system. It is good as a basic system that you might want to use in your general home setting or the likes such as hotels, apartments etc. It is good to go against the general pollution and also Biological pollution. It is fitted with the H14 graded HEPA filters and F7 rated filters for best results. It works under circumstances of constant commute of new individuals inside and outside the space and still helps keep the space safe.

It provides purification up to 50 cubic meters of enclosed space.

However, it does not stop VOCs or odours from coming in.

Air70 Bio

It comes with a four-stage filtration system. This adds up to the specification of the Air40 Bio of killing away basic bacteria and viruses. It does not only prevent dust and pollutants, but it also prevents harmful microscopic particles like allergens, dense bacteria and viruses, odours, VOCs, etc. This individual recirculation system allows bigger spaces to be purified. It is optimal for gatherings such as small dining rooms, waiting rooms, lobby and the like. The distinguished facility of the H14 rated quality of HEPA filters and F& rated the quality of pre-filters make this appliance your best bet.

It purifies about 90 cubic meters of air every hour.

It eliminates about 99.995% of airborne ill-effects from your surroundings.

Air90 Bio

This is the most advanced biofilter that the range of small purifiers at Castellex, have. This can purify entire buildings at a moment and also individual rooms at the same time. Fitted with the aforementioned facilities of high-quality filters, this also comes with the activated carbon filter that ensures extra safety. They are programmed to purify the air for a larger number of people utilising the positive air pressure technology. The model has been previously employed in military-grade security systems to now be compressed into more compact models for trusted air safety at offices and small commercial setups.

It purifies 90 cubic meters of air per hour

They are well-armoured against the pathogens and the VOCs those most regular filters miss out on.

Air350 Bio

This filter is used for nuclear bunkers, panic rooms, bomb shelters and also domestic areas under major threat. It is equipped with general air inlet and overpressure valve. It was an initial design for the military purposes with multi-faceted features such as manual power backup system, high blast protection, collective filtration for up to 24 people in a panic room, protection against acidic gases and radioactive contamination. This was released in the general market, available to the general public, for the ensured safety of the people in times of the coronavirus pandemic. It comes with the H14 HEPA filter and the F7 pre-filter as a common ground with all the other products to eliminate the dangerous pathogens from your proximity and keep you safe.

It cleans up to 150 cubic meters of air volume.

Air550 Bio

This NBC air filter comes with full electronic control (ICU). The automation of the process avoids the risk of multiple dangers as such that of military-grade. It has an internal backup battery and is again suitable for panic rooms and bomb shelters. The highest-rated quality filters are installed in this model to remove absolutely all biological contagion and warfare gasses. It gives you ventilation; standby facility, NBC air filtration mode, and also manual power back up system in case of emergencies. It’s the full power-packed system provided by Castellex. It also provides security from radioactive compounds. This user-customised the switchable air filter is what you need to strengthen your fight against the COVID-19 virus.

It purifies 150 cubic meters of air volume.

Has the customized Activated Impregnated TEDA rich Carbon filter.


What must be kept in mind though is all that the Castellex NBC air filtration systems offer will only work when all the precautions have been taken first. The incessant spread of the virus is taking lives at the speed of light and you can only help by keeping yourselves disease-free and not becoming victims or carriers of this dangerously contagious pandemic. You need to stay home surrounded by the protected walls with your loved ones and ensure their safety by not venturing out at all. The complete sanitisation that the government is offering can only be supported if you are following the guidelines strictly. Man is a social animal but currently, the act of social distancing is the only thing that can keep the race from dying out. It is only after you are staying home that Castellex gets a chance to help you and your loved ones survive this multi-faceted disease.

The government requires all of you to fight this pandemic war together as it calls upon the services of all components necessary to get out of this alive and in an orderly fashion. Castellex and many other contemporary companies have come together to help the nation.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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