In Ukraine, Russians use a prohibited chemical substance 70 drops of these gases are enough to kill a person.

In Ukraine Russians Use A Prohibited Chemical Substance 70 Drops Of These Gases Are Enough To Kill A Person.

Russia “has not learned bitter lessons from the past and seeks to normalize the use of weapons of mass destruction.” “The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have been using chemical weapons against Ukrainian defenders since the beginning of full-scale aggression. The first instances of Soviet gas grenades K-51 and Russian RGR trophies were recorded in the Kyiv region in the summer of 2022, in abandoned positions of the occupiers. The explosive substance of these grenades is chlorobenzalmonodinitrile or CS – a non-toxic irritant used for dispersing crowds,” explained a representative of the research center. He also demonstrated an example of the used RGR grenade. “In total, since January 2024, i.e., since the start of Russia’s comprehensive aggression against Ukraine, 626 chemical attacks by occupiers have been recorded,” he emphasized. Last December, Russian forces used new RG-VO gas grenades against Ukrainian defenders for the first time.

“The RG-VO grenade uses a much more toxic chemical compound – chloroacetophenone or CN. This fact was established by experts from the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise. Even from the decryption of the grenade’s name – in Russian, ‘hand grenade – toxic substance’ – its purpose can be understood: to kill live force,” said A. Rudykas. He added that chloroacetophenone is a chemical warfare agent from the group of lacrimators (tear agents). The lethal dose of the toxin is 11 milligrams per minute in one liter. “Approximately 70 drops of these gases are enough to kill an adult,” added the representative of the research center. This substance is completely prohibited by the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which prohibits the use of asphyxiating, poisonous, or other gases and bacteriological methods of warfare, and by the 1969 UN General Assembly resolution, which banned its use in combat. Russia has ratified both documents. “The use of chloroacetophenone against Ukrainian defenders is significant in two aspects. It is noteworthy that this is the first recorded case of the use of this toxic substance in combat since 1969. Second, the serial production of RG-VO gas grenades may indicate that the Russian Federation provided false information when it declared in 2017 that it had completely destroyed its stocks and production facilities of chemical weapons.”

It was also found that the trophy grenade had special markings indicating the Applied Chemistry Scientific Research Institute in Sergiev Posad, Russia, which may indicate that facilities producing lethal toxic substances are still operational. This violates Russia’s commitments. The captain noted that recent trends show that the Russian Armed Forces are increasing the number of chemical attacks against the armed forces of Ukraine. “In December 2023, 81 such cases were recorded, which at that time accounted for 17% of all cases since the beginning of large-scale aggression against Ukraine. That is, practically a quarter of all cases were registered in one month.”

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