How to fight COVID-19

How To Fight Covid 19

The Coronavirus has spread to nearly every corner of the globe infecting more than two million people and taking the lives of over one hundred thousand people to date. This airborne respiratory virus can quickly be passed from one individual to another and has proven to become deadly among every age group in society. At Castellex, we felt it was essential to provide you with transparent and well-researched information for you to protect your employees and love ones from the Coronavirus and any future virus attacks.

What is COVID-19?

On 31st December 2019, Chinese officials alerted the WHO (World Health Organisation) to numerous cases of pneumonia occurring in the eastern city of Wuhan. The country is closely linked with many viral outbreaks, including SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which in 2002-2003 infected over 8,000 people and took the lives of 774 individuals.

The Coronavirus was identified on the 7th January 2020 as being a new form of novel virus belonging to the Coronavirus family, which includes SARS and the common cold. The virus was initially named 2019-nCoV but later abbreviated to COVID-19 and commonly cited as Coronavirus. It is believed that this respiratory virus most likely cross-contaminated from bats to humans at Wuhan South China Seafood Market, one of numerous ‘wet markets’ that exists across Asia. Bats have been identified as carrying hundreds of diseases and increasing the virulence of viruses due to their robust immune system structure that enables greater resilience to harmful pathogens. To date, the virus has spread to 185 countries globally with over 130 countries in full or partial lockdown, inhibiting daily life and the global economy.

What are the known symptoms and Who is affected?

The Coronavirus is a respiratory disease with infections focusing on the respiratory tree of those infected. The virus causes inflammation of the respiratory lining resulting in inflammation and irritation of the nerve linings that results in 67.7% of individuals experiencing a dry cough and 87.9% suffering a fever as a result of an immune response.


Credit: The Lancet, PHE based on UK data.

Days 0-5. No Symptoms: High possibility of cross-infection between humans unknowingly.

Days 5-20 Fever & Cough: On average, 80% of infected individuals will exhibit these symptoms that include a temperature of above 37.8C and a dry cough.

Days 12-24 Breathlessness: It is predicted that 18.6% of individuals infected will suffer from breathlessness that can include tightness of the chest and increasingly heavier breathing. It is this stage in which the Coronavirus is most likely to transition into pneumonia.

Days:16-24. ICU: Some individuals may still be suffering from the effects of the virus. Typically, admissions to ICU are as a result of advancing pneumonia within the lungs.

Days:23-27. Death or Recovery: According to the Office for National Statistics, 96% of deaths have occurred within hospitals. On average, the recovery rate for those in ICU currently stands at 50%.

Days:26-28. Reporting: As a result of post-mortem Coronavirus testing, death statistics can often have a lag period of between 1-3 days post-death.

How COVID-19 Spreads?

This 3D model was produced by Aalto University and highlights the spread of Coronavirus in a supermarket from a simple cough. A joint project of four Finnish research groups studied the transmission and spread of Coronavirus through the air. The study highlighted small aerosol particles emitted from the respiratory tract during coughing, sneezing and even talking.

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Credit: Aalto University

While UK government guidelines have announced a 2-meter social distancing restriction, the research group identified that the virus could travel four times the distance than was once initially believed. The virus has been proven to be able to travel between 6-8 meters infecting surfaces over its transmission and become airborne once again.

The John Hopkins University and Medicine are at the forefront of tracking and monitoring the Coronavirus. It stated that on average, an infected individual could pass the virus onto a further 2.5 people if government social distancing is not followed. In comparison, seasonal influenza typical exhibits and infection rate of just 1.28. It is the increased infectivity of the virus that enables the smallest of dust particles to capture viral droplets that can survive for over 72 hours on some surface before becoming airborne once again from any light movement in the air.

Without the suitable protection of a high-quality, trusted and multi-layered Castellex Biofiltration system, these particles can easily and unknowingly pass into households and offices to infect individuals, despite following government guidelines and taking the correct precautions outside your family home.

Protecting Against COVID-19

An examination of 110 survivors of SARS at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong identified that on average individuals had a reduced lung capacity of 15.5% as a result of the SARS virus. While we are not yet aware of the long-term effects of Coronavirus survivors, it is clear that protection against this airborne viral disease is not only vital to protect your family against acute illness and potential death but additionally from potential long-term health impairments such as decreased lung capacity and cancers.

Protecting against the Coronavirus requires a multi-stage approach. While utilising a Castellex Air Bio Filtration system can have a considerable effect at preventing the spread of airborne viruses within the household, it is still essential to follow government advice to avoid subsequent further contamination. This includes following social distancing guidelines, only leaving your house when absolutely necessary and continuing to frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer of at least 60%-95% proof before and after touching surfaces outside your family home. According to the NHS guidelines in the UK, any person displaying symptoms should stay at home for at least seven days, and any other individuals within the household should remain home for at least fourteen days to avoid further spread of the infection.

As part of a multi-stage approach to defending your employees and family against the Coronavirus, Castellex has a range of the highest quality filtration systems on the market. Our Air 70, Air 90 and Air 550 Bio Filtration Units each use a four-stage filtration process to defend against virus penetration.


UV Ultraviolet Light: Proven to directly kill bacteria and viruses using short-wavelength UV light to disinfect passing air.

Prefilter: The Castellex prefilter catches larger particles and dust particles that have been proven to carry virus droplets in the air. It is an F7 rated filter of the highest quality to minimise particle transmission.

HEPA Filter: The HEPA filter is of the highest quality in the market rated H14, stopping even the smallest particle matter, including bacteria and numerous viruses.

Activated Carbon Filter: The Castellex designed Activated Carbon Filter prevents VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), smells and poisonous gases from entering the safety of your home.

At Castellex, we have a track record on providing the highest quality Air filtration systems that can defend against a range of potential future attacks. With applications currently in use by individuals, hospitals and global militaries to protect against known viruses and chemical attacks.

Our Biological range additionally includes an internal backup battery system that can easily be installed to panic rooms, bomb shelters, nuclear bunkers, offices and households while ensuring complete reliability even during times of blackouts. With a standby, ventilation and NBC mode setting on our range of Bio filtrations, you can easily switch between modes to adapt the system to your surroundings and be prepared for any eventuality.

Making these small but effective efforts can significantly reduce your exposure to the Coronavirus, limit the spread and in conjunction with a Castellex Biofiltration system can keep your loved ones safe from infection.

Protect your love ones from Future Threats

The Coronavirus virus has become a frightening reminder of the imminent global threat posed by emerging infectious diseases. Over the past two decades, there have been three major global virus outbreaks with the duration between pandemics becoming increasingly shorter. Not only is there a rising threat of further virus outbreaks but additionally many governments have warned against viral diseases being used in future warfare tactics. Now, more than ever in history, it has become vital to take precautions to ensure the highest level of protection for the future of your loved ones. Take a look at our Castellex Biological Filtration Systems to protect your family today from the current threat of Coronavirus and any future viral attack.

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