How Important is a Family Fallout Shelter?

Building An Underground Bunker

It’s impossible to ignore the rising threat of natural disasters and potential nuclear
warfare that looms on the horizon. Every passing day brings news that we’re closer
to the brink of a global meltdown, which threatens the security of civilians
everywhere. What is your first thought in situations like these?
Most people immediately ask themselves, “how do I keep my family safe?”.
If you prepare ahead of time, you won’t have to think through solutions or
contemplate your options–just grab your loved ones and head to your family fallout
shelter. In an emergency situation that would warrant sheltering, having a plan and a
place to go can buy you critical time and could potentially make or break your
probability of survival. Thus, it’s absolutely imperative that you act now to ensure the
security of your family in even the most dire circumstances.
FAQ: Can I Build a Bomb Shelter Myself?
It’s absolutely possible to build a bomb shelter yourself, even with little experience. A
purpose-built fallout shelter is the best you can have because you can tailor every
aspect of it to your specific needs, but you don’t necessarily need to call in a full
construction crew to make it happen. There are plenty of ways to design and build a
shelter yourself or construct one from a ready-made fallout shelter kit. Everyone
should have a bunker for potential catastrophes, so there are options out there to fit
almost any budget and specifications.
FAQ: Can I Convert an Existing Structure or
Space Into a Bomb Shelter?

Yes! There are several types of existing structures that make perfectly safe and
acceptable bomb shelter DIY projects with a few updates. This is a great option for
people who want to be prepared for anything without spending their life savings.
There are also project options for every level of DIYer, from beginners to experts, so
truly anybody can be prepared in case of a dire emergency. Pre-existing spaces like
root cellars and basements can be converted into fallout shelters.

How to Build a Bomb Shelter

The best place to build a bomb shelter is away from trees, buildings, and other
obstructions that could become hazards. Make sure water naturally flows away from
the site so you don’t run into any issues with drainage or flooding, which can cause
hazardous mold.


Design a structure with an experienced engineer or research the type of shelter that
would work best for your needs and resources. The walls should be thick enough
and made of sturdy materials to withstand natural disasters and warfare. It should be
built deep enough in the earth that all or most of the structure is underground. Plan to
include at least two exits for safety.

Air Filtration
A total nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) air filtration system is a must-have
item to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy in a catastrophic situation.
The Castellex Air550 NBC air filtration systems come as a complete kit, easy to
install and use at a moment’s notice. Air filtration is one of the most important factors
to consider when building a bunker or a fallout shelter DIY project because you can’t
survive without it. An NBC air filtration system is non-negotiable in terms of safety.

Having a safe place to stay isn’t enough–you have to meet all of your basic physical
needs to survive in case of an emergency. Once you have shelter covered with a
fallout shelter DIY, you’ll want to start stocking it with necessary supplies, including:
 Drinking water
 Non-perishable food for people and pets
 Extra clothes for all members of your family, including items for extreme heat
or extreme cold
 First aid and medical supplies
 Light sources like lanterns and flashlights
 Extra batteries
 Important documents like medical information, passports, and personal
 Tools for repairing, reinforcing, or altering your shelter
 Entertainment items like books, toys, and board games to pass the time
The amount of food and water you stock depends on your personal preference and
whether you plan to shelter in place for a short period of time (up to 3 days) or long-
term. A good rule of thumb is to stock at least a week’s worth of food if you live in an
area with a high risk of natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes. If you want to
be prepared in case of biological or chemical warfare, plan to stock at least a month’s
worth of supplies for each person you plan to shelter with.

Rule of Threes
When in doubt, just follow the survivalist “Rule of Threes”: you can survive three
weeks without food, three days without water, and just three minutes without oxygen.
Secure your resources according to necessity–clean air first, drinking water second,
and food last.

Maintain Your Bomb Shelter–You Never Know When You’ll Need It
Once you’ve constructed a family fallout shelter, you can enjoy peace of mind
knowing you have a safe place for your family to go in case things start to go
sideways. You’ll just need to maintain it regularly to ensure it’s always ready when
you need it.
You should plan to inspect and maintain your shelter every six months or at least
once a year. During the inspection, you should:
 Inspect and test the structural integrity of the shelter to make sure it’s still
sound, performing repairs where necessary.
 Check filters and replace where necessary.
 Inspect food to ensure that it remains unopened, unexpired, and pest-free.
 Swap out clothing for children that have outgrown the current stash of
emergency clothing.
 Address any pest or insect issues.
 Inspect medical supplies and replace anything that has been damaged or
 Test the electricity or generators to make sure they’re in proper working
condition as well as emergency batteries.
 Replace expired toiletries.
 Update entertainment supplies like books and board games when necessary.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe with a Family Fallout Shelter
You can start accumulating the necessary supplies as early as today! Purchase an
NBC air filtration system online from Castellex as the first step to ensuring the future
of your family, come what may.

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