How efficient do HEPA Air Purifiers trap viruses?

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Biological aerosols usually entail fungi, bacteria, and viruses and are generally defined as bioaerosols. They can cause adverse health effects such as infectious, allergic, and toxigenic diseases. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated that poorly ventilated spaces increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission, because the virus can remain viable in the air and thus can be inhaled by anyone. They could be your family members, your employees, and your customers. A variety of air filters have been developed to capture and inactivate virus particles under continuous airflow conditions.

Several air purifiers claim to filter out and even kill bacteria and viruses including COVID-19 coronavirus, is that really true?

In fact, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used to filter out particulates down to 0.3 microns (300 nanometers). The diameter of most viruses ranges from 20 nanometers (0.02 microns) up to 400nm (0.4 microns). However, some pathogens are bigger than that. The typical coronavirus size is around 100 nanometers (0.1 microns) in diameter. That puts some viruses including corona virus below the size of particles that a HEBA can trap. However, researchers have shown that the HEPA filter can still trap the ultrafine particles that it encounters. This is because particles of this size are more likely to move in random directions more than in a straight direction. Therefore, they have a high chance of getting in contact with filter fibers when they pass through and then stick to the filter surface. In April 2020, scientists stated that Corona virus may be transmitted through the air among other routes. In July, many experts sent out a letter to the WHO arguing that the virus is airborne, since when the WHO acknowledged the
possibility of being an airborne transmitted virus. Likewise, respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze typically ranges from 5 to10 micrometers in length and can remain airborne for hours. These droplets can also carry the virus. Therefore, any individual who ingests, inhales, or is exposed to respiratory droplets containing corona virus can be exposed to hundreds of virus particles, which increases the probability of infection. Interestingly, A HEPA air purifier can filter out and remove these tiny particles from the air.

What do we offer at Castellex?

Castellex has invested its best knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing specialized air filtration systems for years. Now we came to help fight COVID-19 as well. It is very crucial to trap airborne viruses before they infect another member of your family or employees. Let’s have a look at our unique types of air purifiers.

1- Air40 Bio: is our basic, most cost-effective and affordable type. It reduces the concentration of biological and non-biological airborne pollutants in enclosed spaces. It is an effective solution during self-isolation in the same house, apartment, hotel, etc. with somebody already feels symptoms of the disease. It removes or at least reduces the concentration of dangerous particles, biological pollutants, like bacteria or viruses in the air reducing the chance for somebody nearby to get infected.

2- Air70 Bio: is second in the line but still cost-effective and affordable. It has the same functions as Air40 Bio in addition to its ability to trap and absorb VOCs or odors in the room through activated carbon filter
built into it.

3- Air90 Bio: is the third in the line being the most advanced (designed on military technologies) but still affordable compared to most positive pressure air filtration station with external air inlet and overpressure valve. It has the same functions as Air70 Bio, in addition, it is designed to provide clean filtered air to the building or separate room at the same time creating very gentle overpressure (positive pressure), which prevents contaminated air from sinking throughout the gaps. It is considered the most sophisticated system in our Bio air filters line designed for the general public.

4- Air350 Bio: is the fully functional entry-level NBC air filtration station. It has the same functions as Air90 Bio with some extra special features. It is initially designed for private survival shelters, bunkers, preppersa, survivalists, SHTF believers, etc. It is a full military technology design NBC positive pressure air filtration station which is equipped with external air inlet and overpressure valve. System is designed to provide clean filtered air to the shelter, bunker, small or mid-sized building or separate room at the same time creating very gentle overpressure (positive pressure) what prevents contaminated air from sinking throughout the gaps. It is our basic system in professional NBC air filtration line, but still, it is more advanced and efficient than Air90 Bio. Air350 is usually designed for bunkers, but reacting to COVID-19 pandemic, we release it to the general public.

5- Air550 Bio: is the last generation fully electronically (ICU ) controlled, advanced 4 stage NBC air filtration station with daily mode and NBC air filtration mode integrated into the same device. It combines all the functions of all previous versions of air purifiers. Our advanced system of professional NBC air filtration line has been released recently to the public to help all people at risk for COVID-19 such as elderly, patients with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

Is there a scientific evidence that supports the ability of Castellex HEPA filter to trap corona virus?

Several media outlet have claimed that HEPA filters cannot filter particles below 0.3 micron and thus could not filter corona virus. However, NASA study of HEPA air purifiers, on page 7 and the preceding paragraph, explained why HEPA filters are actually most efficient at capturing tiny particles below 0.3-micron. In the event of COVID-19 outbreak, and its recent resurgence in the United States has brought about the deficiency of isolation rooms inside numerous U.S. hospitals admitting COVID-19-positive cases. Thus, hospitals started to form special teams to seek innovative measures to increase hospitals capacities. Results have shown that only the temporary anteroom alone could prevent the transmission of nearly 98% of the surrogate aerosols into the adjacent corridor. In addition, it was shown that the best location of a single portable air purifier unit is inside the isolation room as well as near the patient’s bed. The hospital ventilation system typically supports isolation spaces where infectious patients are admitted. These rooms are
designed to filter and remove quickly the pathogenic agents. With the increasing number of patients, there may not be sufficient number of these rooms like what already happened in US, Italy, and China. Therefore, there has been an urgent need for innovative measures to prepare well the hospitals system for the airborne pandemic. In response, studies have been done to investigate the performance of a temporary anteroom with/without portable HEPA filtration machines on the containment and removal of virus particles. The portable HEPA air purifier has been shown to limit aerosol dispersion via two specific mechanisms (a) by removing the particles from the air, and (b) by creating a negative pressure across the plastic barrier. The negative pressure forces the particles to stay within the isolation space. Hence, it is very possible that a HEPA air purifier may trap any airborne viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus that pass through it. The does not mean it will necessarily kill the virus. Even if trapped, the virus may remain viable on the filter surface for several hours or even days until it will eventually die there.

How does HEPA filter work?

A HEPA filter is a mechanical air filter, which works by forcing air through a fine mesh. This fine mesh is able to trap harmful particles such as bacteria and viruses, pollens, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.

Does HEPA filter help with allergy?

Air pollution is not only about factory smoke or car exhaust. There are many pollutants inside our homes such as dust mites, mold spores, pollens, and pet dander in the air. They can result in many health problems if any of your family has allergies or asthma. HEPA filters can efficiently trap these pollutants and may relief allergy symptoms.
In conclusion, air purifier appear to be a useful tool to be used in hospitals, homes, offices and any confined indoor spaces. They enhance air circulation, which provides fresh air into the space and removes potentially contaminated air. Air purifiers with HEPA filters appear to be the best option for customers, because they can trap at least 99.97% of airborne particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter. Hence, Castellex has invested its best knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing specialized air filtration systems for years. Now we came to help fight COVID-19 as well. It is very crucial to trap airborne viruses before they infect another member of your family or employees. Air40 Bio, Air70 Bio, and Air90 Bio are our three latest air filtration stations designed specifically for domestic and small commercial spaces to help protect your family, employees, customers, and anyone you care about. Most importantly, they are cost effective and affordable compared to other air purifiers. It is important to note that our air purifier is not a magic pill, but allows businesses such as small shops, barbers, coffee shops, offices, dental clinic or any enclosed space to reduce significantly levels of virus in the air, which in turn reduces the possibility of catching an infection. Since respiratory aerosols can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing and contact with infected persons, everyone must reduce their exposure to these particles as possible as they can by wearing facemasks and keeping safe social distance. Castellex air purifier is able to trap viruses, bacteria and even air pollutants like dust and smoke that happen to be in the air and cause allergy. Hence, it can be a beneficial supplement in keeping your home, shop or office’s air contaminant-free particularly from corona virus.

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