How Air Filtration System Help Coping the New Normal

Castellex Air350 Bio Installed

The world has been shocked by a virus called the covid-19. It originated from China and since then have been affecting the entire world. Solutions such as the lockdown have been put to test but to no avail. People lost their jobs and aren’t able to productively work ever since the pandemic started. Almost a year have passed and yet the numbers of Covid-19 cases have gone up by thousands every day. There have been 70 million cases of Covid-19 and one million death caused by this virus and currently, there’s no cure founded. This means that people should take precautions of whatever they do and wherever they go for even the smallest thing, can risk your life. A couple of safety precaution includes wearing a mask and keep social distance from others. Do everything at home and frequently clean themselves thoroughly. People should also eat healthier and exercise regularly to ensure resistance toward diseases.

In the new normal era, people have started to adapt to a few changes every now and then and life goes on as usual with a few tweaks of changes. People started going out with masks and going out when necessary. Unfortunately, the number of people who doesn’t follow this rule out numbers the one who do, which caused a spike in numbers of cases around the world. People are jobless and companies are closing which is why many started to reopen their business again. From small booths, to office jobs, and large company, have been reopen which is both good news and bad news. The good news is, people can start working again and all will seem normal. However, by being in a room with a bunch of people means that social distancing is no longer applied. Room full of workers are like a sitting duck buffet for the virus. The World Health Organization said that one of the fastest ways of getting infected is by being in a closed area full of people. Workers will go in and out every day without knowing if they or others have been infected, for they can only recognize the symptoms after two weeks. By the time they realized it, it’s already too late and it may have already spread to others.

Precautions should be taken to extreme measure by washing hands and wearing mask. This needs to be done everywhere and whenever we touch something. Another important thing that needs to be highly considered is air. The air that surrounds us and the air coming in and out in a work space or medical space should always be clean. Polluted air is dangerous and will affect those who inhales it negatively. A closed-up space is a danger zone for people especially if it’s a workspace with little to no clean air flowing in and out. An air filtration system is the solution for this problem. An air filtration system allows ventilation to happen making sure that all sorts of filthy air from inside will be pumped out and clean air will be filtered in.

Castellex provides the best air filtration unit out in the market with affordable price. One of the unit that is targeted for day to day uses and survival shelters. One of the products provided is the air350 bio. The Air350 bio is capable of filtering small problems like dust and pollen that causes allergies to radiations from nuclear attacks. The Air350 bio is able to provide clean breathable air from outside and is accessible for all to use. It is easy to build and it does not need an expert to be able to change its mode and all sort of stuff. The unit can provide air for 24 people in a panic room and able to pump in 150 meters cubic of air per hour making it perfect for office space. Castellex provides one of the best air filtration system unit with one of the most affordable prices out there. Castellex also offers a worldwide shipping so that every one will be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Keeping the air you’re breathing clean is very important especially during this pandemic. Disease created by air pollution includes heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. Many people have suffered because of this and air pollution have killed many people annually. Unfortunately the number increases during the pandemic because the virus is deadlier towards old people and people who have suffered a disease before hand and according to WHO, a lot of people who died of covid is because they have heart disease and other disease caused by air pollution. Moreover, dust or other sorts of pollutants in air, if inhaled, will cause the body to be weaker overtime. Body’s resistance toward sickness and especially covid will be weaker enabling the virus to infect one’s body. And if that happens then the people around them would inevitably receive the virus. That is why most hospitals or medical work space install an air filtration system in their building. It’s to ensure the safety of people inside. Unfortunately, not all of medical workspace or business owner are equipped with the knowledge to use an air filtration for their own safety. Hence, causing danger toward their own employee.

Being able to adapt to a situation is a must and people should always be ready to face and adapt to whatever problem that will go through them. Living in the new normal era would be a tough situation and the only way to survive through it is if we adapt with it. The only cure that we seem to have that we can count on is to prevent it from happening altogether. Prevention is better than cure and having Castellex Air350 air filtration system is one of the way to survive the new normal. Staying safe and healthy is the most important things for us to keep. In the end, your life is worth more than every penny in this world. Stay safe and stay positive by being prepared.

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