Germany prepares for a potential Russian attack: scenario revealed

Germany Prepares For A Potential Russian Attack

The German army has developed a scenario for military exercises in the event that the armed forces of Ukraine suffer defeat. As reported by ‘Ukrinform,’ this information comes from the German publication ‘Bild,’ citing a classified document from the German Ministry of Defense.

“Escalation between NATO and Russia could occur as early as February. This exercise scenario outlines step by step, month by month, how Putin will act and how NATO will defend itself. According to the Bundeswehr scenario, escalation could happen within a few weeks. Soon, military actions involving tens of thousands of German soldiers will commence,” writes ‘Bild.’ According to this scenario, Russia initiates a new wave of mobilization and calls up an additional 200,000 people to the military in the spring of 2024. In the spring, the Kremlin launches a large-scale offensive in Ukraine, and due to insufficient Western support, Ukrainian armed forces are defeated by June 2024.

Later, as stated in the document, ethnic clashes will begin in the Baltic states. In September, Russia will conduct large-scale military exercises called ‘West 2024,’ involving 50,000 soldiers in the western part of the country and Belarus. In October, Russia deploys its army and medium-range missiles to the Kaliningrad region to strike the Suwalki Corridor, connecting the Kaliningrad region to Belarus through Lithuania. In December, right after the United States elections, a border conflict and unrest begin. Russia tries to exploit a possible paralysis of the U.S. political system.

In January 2025, Poland and the Baltic countries call for a NATO Council meeting and report the threat posed by Russia, which, in March, deploys additional forces to Belarus and the borders of the Baltic states. In May 2025, NATO decides on ‘reliable deterrent measures’ to prevent an attack on the Suwalki Corridor from Belarus and the Kaliningrad region. On ‘Day X,’ NATO leadership orders the deployment of 300,000 soldiers, including 30,000 Germans, to the eastern flank. ‘Bild’ emphasizes that this scenario is a legend for NATO exercises in the Baltic region in 2024. Bundeswehr representatives told the newspaper that considering various scenarios is part of the daily military work.

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