Germany has received data about a possible Russian attack: will V. Putin attack NATO from 2026?

Germany has received data about a possible Russian attack

Germany’s special services have prepared an analysis of the Russian military threat for the government, forecasting that from 2026 Russia could attack the territory of NATO member countries, reports “European Pravda,” citing Germany’s “Business Insider.” According to the analysis by Germany’s special services, Russia is preparing for a large-scale conflict with the West, indicated by the reorganization of the Russian army, the relocation of troops, and the deployment of missiles in the country’s west, as well as the increasing production of Russian weapons. Due to the latter reason, Russia’s military power, especially in conventional arms, could double over the next five years, compared to the current level, states the classified report. It is “no longer possible to rule out” that Russia will “from 2026” attack at least part of NATO territory, such as the Baltic countries or Finland, “Business Insider” writes. It is emphasized that German authorities have not yet publicly announced such specific statements. According to “Business Insider,” NATO headquarters is also concerned about the increasing military power of Russia and further confrontation, but believes that this does not necessarily lead to war. Primarily, the publication cites an assessment by US intelligence agencies, which do not see a Russian attack against NATO as a medium-term threat and believe that Russia’s armed forces will need another five to eight years to restore the military power they had before the invasion of Ukraine. In recent weeks, several European NATO countries have already warned about the danger of Russian aggression in the near future. For example, Germany’s Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said in January that the Alliance should be prepared for a Russian attack against a NATO country within 5-8 years. In light of this, the Bundeswehr is preparing for the first time since the end of the Cold War a new comprehensive operational defense plan, taking into account the lessons of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

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