First Step to Safety

Castellex Air350 NBC Air filtration system installed in underground bunker

“The first step to becoming is to will it”
― Mother Teresa

We live in a world where things can go from peaceful to horrifying in just a few minutes. There’s no way around it. Minor problems from the past can grow into what is now a major problem, and our safety is in jeopardy every single day. The population keeps on growing and that means more problems will inevitably occur. Minor problems such as protesters and rioters to major problems such as the global pandemic, a potential world war between the U.S and North Korea or Iran, happened in a single year. Recently, Japan is planning on dumping toxic waste from the Fukushima incident into the ocean. 1 million cubic meters of radioactive water will contaminate the ocean and it is determined to be toxic for people. We will not be able to predict what will happen to our planet in a few years, days, or month. There is no solution for this and so, the only way for us to be safe is to prepare ourselves.

In the world of surviving, there are basic rules that people should know of, which is the rule of 3. The rule of 3 consists of 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without breathable air. This is an estimate of how humans are able to survive without those things. The rules of three will apply to any given situation where our survival skill is put to the test such as camping, being lost or stranded, and especially when SHTF ( shit hits the fan ) type of situation. By following the rules of three, we are able to understand that food isn’t something we must immediately look for as we can survive for some time without food. However, water is an important aspect in surviving and having a large supply of water is a must. Finally, the most important thing we should have is clean, breathable air.

Every day we breathe air consistently without actually thinking on how important our air is. Due to that fact, people will often forget that there will be a time where our air may be contaminated and it will be an everyone for themselves type of situation. Normal houses or hotels and apartments, might not be sufficient for our health and safety. The only option is to buy, or build a bunker.

Planning on building a bunker is already the first step to safety. However, that does not mean that we are already safe. The rules of three of survival should be implemented for bunker planning. By doing so, you would know that you need lots of food such as MREs, canned food, dried food, and grains. You also need plenty of water that can last you more than 2-3 months. Entertainment such as books, toys, exercise equipment, and other stuff that will keep you entertained for months should also be in your bunker. But finally, the most important aspect we should have in our bunker is air.

A bunker is a thick-walled airtight building that is underground (10 feet deep). Meaning, air will not be able to flow in easily. Because of that, people need an NBC air filtration system. An NBC air filtration system is a unit that is able to filter out NBC substances that polluted the air. NBC means Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. If someone does need to use a bunker, then the situation itself is dire, and most likely it involves war, nuclear, bombs, or any other substances that will pollute the air we breathe in. That’s why having an NBC air filtration system ready at your bunker is a must. Polluted air from the outside can be sucked in, and filtered out all the unwanted stuff, providing you clean air.

Choosing the right NBC air filtration system is also a very important aspect. Economic wise, usefulness wise, or maintenance wise should be thought out before picking out your air filtration system. Castellex provides one of if not the best choices of air filtration system and the Air550 NBC Air Filtration System is one of the most popular ones amongst them. With how conditions are now, the economy might be hard on some people, however, the air filtration system Castellex is highly affordable. Moreover, the Air550 NBC filtration system is very powerful in producing clean breathable air from the toxic air outside. Up to 24 people are able to enjoy clean air because this unit is able to pump in up to 150 cubic meter of air per hour. Not only that, it is very easy to manage around the system itself. This means that if an emergency event occurs, then you are still able to use it without any knowledge of technologies beforehand. The average survivalist is able to operate it with ease. If the main power brakes, then an internal backup battery will be able to take its place, ensuring the safety of those you love with clean air.

Having clean air is very important especially in events where most people are panicking and scared. Oxygen will help reduce stress and anxiety. Both those things are unwanted especially in the situation where rational thinking and being calm is highly needed. Clean air also helps the body change food into energy which we will need in order to survive throughout the time spent in the bunker. Air pressure when you are underneath the ground will also be a problem, but by having clean air flowing, you are able to breathe more easily and relaxed. The Air550 NBC air filtration system will help with all those problems. This air filtration system is also able to keep moulds and other unwanted substances such as pollen or dust that might affect those with allergies. It is highly beneficial for people who want to keep their family safe when an unwanted situation comes. Castellex provides worldwide shipping so that everyone is able to protect themselves especially since the danger is all around us wherever we are. So all we are able to do is to prepare ourselves before that situation comes. The choice you are making to protect yourself is already the first step to safety.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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