Current SHTF Scenario In The US & The Need For NBC Air Filtration System

NBC air filtration Unit

We all know what is happening around the world. Whenever we switch on the TV or pick up the newspaper, we hear about the disastrous events. From severe pandemic in the US and globally, variuos protests to extreme wildfire in Australia and the West Coast, nothing seems normal. Anything can happen to anyone anytime.

SHTF Situation Can Happen Anytime

In 2021, the COIVD-19 has caused layers of SHTF scenarios throughout the world and affected millions of people in more than  200 countries. Should we still expect that everything will become normal so easily? No, it seems that still another disastrous event is going to happen around the globe. Are you ready for that? Well, in fact, we are still wondering in our insides what is going to happen in 2021, should we wait for another SHTF situation?

If we just talk about the US, the current tensions, internal conflicts between the Blacks & Whites, financial confusions after the pandemic, and all the other current political tensions, have given rise to the situation where things are just going from bad to worse. This is where we use the term SHTF, which stands for “Sh*t hits the fan” and we use this term to describe any situation that gets worse day by day.

After the mess of 2020, people are even more conscious about the safety of their family members, and all the near and dear ones. Whether the disasters are natural or human-made, you should do the necessary arrangement even before the disaster happens. It is no secret that all the mixture of current tensions can give rise to some SHTF in no time. As the preppers, you should know how to tackle the never-ending panorama of natural disasters and other calamities.

If you are the one who extremely cares about your family and want to ensure the safety of your near and dear ones, you should look for some practical solution. “Three Rules Of Survival” are enough to warn us. The first rule is you cannot survive for more than three minutes without air. So if there is even a minor-time shortage of enough air, you can die in no time. The survival time for children is even less than 3 minutes. The second rule is you cannot survive without water for more than 3 days, and the third one is you cannot survive without food for three weeks. The one and the only safe solution to all these problems is the presence of a safe room with an NBC Air Filtration System incorporated into it.

NBC Air Filtration System

We need to remind again how important it is to have an NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical ) air filtration system. And doesn’t matter it’s going to be tear/ CS/ pepper gas or military-grade contaminants…Or a deadly virus. Or nuclear fallout. Nobody knows what to expect, but everyone who cares about family should get ready. Every prepper should follow ” The rule of threes” in survivalism (discussed earlier). The fact is strong walls, advanced guns and bombs cannot save your life if you are facing a shortage of air, or water. As we cannot live for more than three minutes without air, there is no use waiting for external help, and this is why we are emphasizing the need for NBC Air Filtration systems. With this system, you make sure that your family is safe under any unimaginable circumstances. Though we cannot stop catastrophic events from taking place, we can work on the safety arrangements.

Investing On NBC Air Filtration System

Thousands of dollars cannot save lives if you do not want to spend them and just keep them in the bank. Although spending on the NBC air filtration system will not break your bank, it will cost some money. With the presence of an NBC air filtration system, you can have an underground shelter where you can stay safe for as long as you want. These systems ensure that nothing can hurt your safety at the time of a disastrous event and no contaminated or toxic air particles can go inside this system. It is so efficient that even if a nuclear explosion occurs, no nuclear fallout can get inside your bomb shelter.

The presence of an air filtration system in the underground bomb shelter ensures that you are continuously getting a fresh supply of air and the upward pressure of the NBC system blows air outside of the filter and does not let any contaminated air inside.

Thus, whether you are going to construct a safe room inside any building or your home; or want to build your underground bomb shelter, do not forget to integrate it with NBC air filtration systems to provide life-safety protection. This investment is worth every penny.

Want to know the best solution for every situation?

Castellex Air550 NBC Air Filtration System

Castellex Air550 NBC Air Filtration System is probably the best complete NBC air filtration system designed for DIY installation in survival/ fallout shelters. It contains all the necessary features that can save your family members from any unexpected circumstances. You can do your research to find out how our Castellex Air550 NBC Air Filtration System can turn out to be a perfect safety arrangement that can save you and your family at the time of a disastrous event.

It can perfectly fulfill all of your demands related to fresh air and provide everyday security to you and your family. This is the reason why security companies, individuals, top architects, and businesses prefer to install the Castellex Air550 NBC Air Filtration Systems as the solution to their problems. Whether your project is small or large, you can rely on our filtration system that has the potential to save you from all kinds of tragic events.

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We are the most efficient and affordable in the market and have a wide range of state-of-the-art NBC air filtration units to meet individual’s demands and requirements.

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