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Crime on the Increase, up 13% in England and Wales

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Crime on the Increase, up 13% in England and Wales

Office of National Statistics: crime up 13% in England and Wales in the 12 months to June 2017, the largest annual rise in a decade and continuing the recent trend of crime increases. Alongside the notable rise in violent crimes, it is also of note that burglary has also seen a spike, with an additional 10,500 burglaries reported in the period.

Producers of the Castellex Sound Blaster-X and Castellex Strobe-X, these among the UK’s leading non lethal ultimate protection systems, Castellex remains committed to providing the highest quality protection for your home, offering products that are unrivaled in terms of effectiveness, robust quality design and simplicity of installation.


  • The Castellex Sound Blaster-X, emitting a powerful up to 127 dB blast of sound, this is more than a conventional alarm system, it is a sound barrier guaranteed to repel even the most determined of intruders. Upon activation, the scientifically-developed pulse of sound leaves the protected territory simply inhospitable, debilitating intruders and forcing them to seek immediate exit. Legal, safe, yet effective.
  • The Castellex Strobe-X, a top of the range system that is deployable as a stand-alone system or, for more effect, with the Sound Blaster-X and/or security fogging. Delivering high-intensity white light pulses, the Strobe-X is designed to disorientate and confuse intruders, leaving them unable to see and forcing them to seek an exit.  Unique in the market, the system not only produces powerful blinding white light, but also blues and reds to imitate police lighting to further disorientate intruders.


In these times of increased public concern, we also recognise that customer support and reliable advice is of key importance and, as such, we remain at your disposal to offer free no-obligation consultation and advice at any time, whether it is simply to discuss the types of alarm systems on the market or a more detailed analysis of your needs and the specifics of your premises. Naturally, with systems in our range designed to protect homes, commercial properties and anything from bank to embassies, we are also more than happy to also expand on the specifications of these flagship products and how they might assist you in the ongoing battle against rising crime.

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Castellex has been protecting private and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our security consultants are used by high net worth individuals in 15 countries worldwide.
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