Commander of the Armed Forces: we need to prepare people for war

Commander of the Armed Forces: we need to prepare people for war

British Army Commander General Patrick Sanders says that the people of the United Kingdom need to be prepared for war with Russia

According to him, the British Army is considering how to create forces of up to half a million people, including civilians, to defend the UK in the event of a large-scale war with a country like Russia. General P. Sanders said that civilians must be trained and equipped if the country becomes involved in a conflict. Within three years, the United Kingdom should expand its military, but P. Sanders emphasized that this alone would not be enough to win a war, and action must be taken to involve the public in the event of such a situation.

“Ukraine demonstrates that regular armies start wars, but civilian combat units win them,” said P. Sanders.

The British Minister warns: a global war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea awaits in five years

The United Kingdom and its allies should prepare for a global war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, which could start in five years, according to the British Defense Minister Grant Shapps. According to him, it is time for “all world democracies” to increase defense spending in the face of new threats. “The era of peaceful dividends is over. In five years, we may face multiple fronts involving Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea,” warned G. Shapps, as reported by The Moscow Times. He noted that since the end of the Cold War, Russia has become a “belligerent authoritarian state.” According to G. Shapps, after successfully annexing Crimea in 2014, President Vladimir Putin decided to launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine and is now trying to absorb the country. Meanwhile, China is watching the Western reaction and evaluating whether they have the patience to continue supporting Kyiv. North Korea promises to expand its nuclear arsenal, Iran is developing its nuclear weapons, and all these countries are collaborating in one way or another, G. Shapps noted.

2024 – a turning point

In his opinion, 2024 will be a turning point for the whole world. He did not rule out the possibility that the fate of Ukraine will be decided then. “Putin believes that the West lacks resilience. Since the future of the world is at stake, we must prove that he is wrong. ‘Giving’ him victory in this war will increase the risk of escalation. Not only because he is obsessed with the idea of restoring the Russian empire but also because it will signal Western weakness to other potential aggressors,” explained G. Shapps. He pointed out that current NATO strategic opponents are “more unstable and irrational” than during the Cold War, especially when it comes to North Korea and Iran. According to the British minister, it is difficult to predict whether the strategy of nuclear deterrence and mutual assured destruction, which has stopped wars in the past, will work with them. G. Shapps also reminded of other destabilizing factors, such as the threat of terrorism, cyber attacks, interference in elections, attempts to cause energy and migration crises. He added that the United Kingdom has already started preparing for a global war: in 2024, the government will allocate £50 billion (€58 billion) for defense for the first time, and plans to increase expenses for these purposes to 2.5% of GDP in the future. The country will also send 20,000 troops and an aircraft carrier strike group to the largest NATO exercises since the Cold War, continue to expand the AUKUS alliance involving Australia and the US, and work with Italy and Japan on developing sixth-generation fighter jets. “We are completing a circle, transitioning from the post-war to the pre-war world. The era of idealism has given way to a period of strict realism. We are entering a new era and must be prepared to deter enemies, lead allies, and defend our country when required,” concluded G. Shapps.

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