Combating COVID-19 with NBC Air filtration system

Combating Covid 19 With Nbc Air Filtration System

The coronavirus outbreak has touched the 3 million mark globally. WHO considers the COVID-19 pandemic is the worst-hit disaster to humanity after world war second. Countries across the globe have zeroed down to masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Does it enough to tackle the coronavirus outbreak? Scientists have been working tirelessly on how to kill coronavirus strategies and vaccines. Clean air is the top priority amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Castellex’s NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) air filtration system can work as a miracle to eradicate the pathogens from the air. NBC filtration system can filter viruses ranges from 20 to 300 nanometer.

Working Mechanism of NBC Air Filtration System

Castellex has been manufacturing world-class NBC air filtration like Air 70, Air 90, Air 350, and Air 550. It accommodates the four-stage filtration system to eliminate the entry of viruses and bacteria.

UV Ultraviolet Light: It is the preliminary stage of eradicating viruses and bacteria by incorporating short-wavelength.

Prefilter: It is equipped with an F7 rated filter that can prevent the transmission of bigger particles and dust. By catching virus droplets in the air it can minimize the entry of larger particles and dust particles.

HEPA Filter: HEPA filter contains an H14 filter that can prevent the entry of smaller particles like bacteria and viruses.

Activated Carbon Filter: After preventing the entry of larger and smaller particles, the fourth stage filter (activated carbon filter) prevents the entry of poisonous gases, volatile organic compounds, and smells.

Fighting against COVID-19 pandemic

NBC air filtration can work as coronavirus filter as viruses are transmitted through the air. Coronavirus augments its network by person-to-person touch, contacting with contaminated surfaces and objects. Scientists predict the viability of coronavirus is up to three hours in the air. They also found airborne SARS-CoV-2 in departmental stores and hospitals. Disinfecting the air accumulated inside the area and surfaces can minimize the spread of the COVID virus. The HEPA filter can ease the work of disinfecting the area with its high-rated H14 filter. Castellex NBC filtration can give an additional protective measure to mitigate the apathy of coronavirus. Prolonged exposure to UV light can hamper the vital functions of viruses. UV-C light is not exposed to your room or working areas so it is a safer means of eradicating COVID viruses. It is also effective in eliminating spores and molds hovering in the air droplets. In the first step, viruses and bacteria are eliminated by UV light filter. After that, it enters the prefilters where large particles are blocked and removed from the filtration system. Then it enters the HEPA filters that can eliminate the viruses down to 0.3 microns. Castellex is incorporating the superior quality of HEPA filters to give consumers a sound air filtration effect. It can eliminate viruses ranging from 0.005 to 0.1 microns. Sometimes it is difficult to mucous particles as most of the coronavirus cases spread from the mucous flow. But HEPA enhanced particle collection mechanism can filter the viruses accompanied by mucous particles. The augmented and enhanced efficiency of HEPA filters will become a potential tool in COVID 19 prevention. The last stage is an activated carbon filter where highly-porous charcoal can obstruct the entry of hazardous gases. The wider surface area of activated charcoal can hold a vast amount of gases. The prime function of the activated carbon filter is to remove the poisonous gases and smoke. The absorbent filter of HEPA can significantly reduce the odor or smell of gases.

Air Filtration for Domestic Purposes

Domestic uses can emit indoor air pollutants that can indirectly inhale by people. Domestic means of work like studying, cooking, working, require an efficient virus filtration system that can prevent the entry of air-borne pathogens. Millions are people are doing self-quarantine in the time of the coronavirus outbreak. Castellex air filtration can add extra cover to your home quarantine. Castellex Air 40 Bio Filtration Unit can eliminate the damaging microscopic particles. It provides the two-stage air filtration facility by associating high-rated F7 prefilters and H14 HEPA filters. F7 prefilters inhibit the entry of large particles while H14 HEPA filters halt the entry of small particles like viruses and bacteria. It can give you 50m3/hour of fresh air. Because of its low power consumption (up to 30W), it is affordable to almost every household. You can continue your work without the hindrance of noise as it produces only up to 50 decibels of the noise level. The virus filter can perform its efficiency by up to 99.995%.

Air filtration for Educational facilities

Schools and colleges across the world have been shut for the past three months. Educational facilities can reopen with the measure of social distancing, PPE, and incumbent of the virus filtration system. HEPA filters can catch the floating metals and woods in the woodworking and metal-working classes. Prefilter can prevent the entry of exhaust fumes, and mist in the welding classes. The activated carbon filter can restrict the entry of hazardous chemicals in the chemical laboratory classes. In a nutshell, NBC virus filtration can minimize the entry of dust, air pollutants, contaminated air, and hypoallergenic particles. School kids that are very prone to COVID virus can ensure enhanced safety and security by the installation of an air filtration system. Castellex Air 70 Bio Filtration Unit can serve the purpose of educational requirements by providing a four-stage air filtration system. Children and students can study with sound concentration as it can produce a noise level up to 52 decibels. It can give you 90m3/hour of fresh air. It is beneficial for small and big educational institutes as it consumes only 30W with 50-60Hz frequency. The high-rated F7 prefilters can prevent the entry of large particles. HEPA filters with H14 filters can eliminate small pathogens like bacteria and viruses. The activated carbon filter can eliminate the entry of odors, gases, molds, pollens, allergens, volatile organic compounds, etc. It can perform an efficiency level of 99.995%.

Air Filtration for Healthcare facilities, COVID care, and quarantine centers

NBC air filtration can work as a virus filter by eliminating air-borne viruses and bacteria in healthcare facilities. One contaminated patient can infect several visitors in the hospitals. The COVID virus can stick to the chair-handles, staircase railing, washrooms, and doctor’s table. Air filtration is essential in COVID-care facilities where COVID positive patients have been treated. It can also work in quarantine centers where hundreds of suspected personnel are on strict watch. COVID 19  prevention can be restricted by the enhanced installation of air filtration in various COVID care facilities. UV and prefilters are termed as lower-rated filters while HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter are termed as higher-rated filters. Lower-rated filters can significantly reduce the hazardous of bigger particles, while higher-rated filters can considerably reduce the stoicism of smaller particles. Technically lower-rated filters can improve air quality, heat-exchange performance, and duct cleanliness. Meanwhile, higher-rated filters eloquently alleviate humidity, dust, and other contaminations. Castellex Air550 Bio filtration unit can be switched to two modes. You can change high mode and low mode according to the flow of visitors. The system encompasses an F7 prefilter that can eliminate the big particles. The H14 HEPA filter can remove the small particles containing air-borne pathogens, microbes, bacteria, and viruses. It can become a worthy virus filter by providing 150 m3/hour of fresh air in the highly contaminated zones. Impregnated carbon filters can eliminate hazardous gases like acidic gases, Iodine organic compounds, Volatile organic compounds, etc. It provides the internal backup battery facility in case of power failures and emergency conditions. It can protect the high blast pressure up to 123 PSI. It can work best in the quarantine facility and COVID care facility as it can curb the entry of 0.2 microns viruses. The system has shown its efficiency by up to 99.995%. It can provide the best performance in critically and seriously ill COVID- patients.

Air Filtration for Warehouses and Industries

Warehouses can store an extensive set of items that can be unmoved for a longer duration of time. The unmoved items will pose serious foul quality air and unclean surfaces. Across the world, industries began functioning; experts are finding ways on how to kill coronavirus while resuming services in industries and warehouses. Warehouses should implement the NBC air filtrations for the safety of industrial workers. Micro-filtration enabled HEPA filter can reduce the entry of viruses down to 0.3 microns. HEPA filters can assemble within the HVAC and Ventilation system to minimize the entry of tiny particles. Castellex Air350 Bio filtration unit is specially designed for warehouses and industrial purposes. It can save industrial employees from high-risk attacks from the COVID virus. The system efficiency has maintained at the level of 99.995%. Workers can perform their duty with no noise as it can produce noise level up to 73 decibels. It is fitted with an impregnated activated carbon filter that can reduce the level of poor quality air by eliminating poisonous gases. It can protect the high blast pressure up to 123 PSI. The top quality H14 HEPA filter can prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria. Meanwhile, F9-rated prefilters can eliminate the big particles hovering in the air droplets. The power backup facility will lessen your additional resources to function in the bio-filtration unit.

Air Filtration for Religious Places

Religious places exhibit fumes, dust, humidity, and bad quality air due to large gatherings and congregations. Worshipping and COVID 19 prevention can go together by the installation of the virus filtration system. Prefilters and HEPA filters of NBC air filtration can significantly prevent the entry of large and small particles. Castellex Air 90 filtration unit can eliminate the airborne pathogens and viruses. It is suitable for religious places and gathering equipped with a three-stage air filtration system. It can provide you a 90 m3/hour of fresh air when you feel suffocating because of large gathering. The low power consumption up to 30W makes it accessible for both big and small religious places. You can hymn or chant songs as it only produces 53 decibels of the noise level. It contains F7-rated prefilters that can remove the large particles in the air. It is equipped with an H14 HEPA filter that can eliminate the entry of small particles like viruses and bacteria. The activated carbon filter can eliminate other gaseous pollutants like volatile organic compounds, allergens, and pollens.

Air Filtration for Large Gatherings and Congregations

Large gatherings and congregations can produce bad air quality. People often get suffocated because of poor quality air. Seminar halls, town halls, and other sizeable gathering places need a virus filter that can substantially filter the pathogens from the air droplets. In the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is the prime necessity to follow the security protocol. Castellex Air 3500 Life Support System (LSS) can give vital protection in a large congregation. It can efficiently communicate to your digital devices and can control the environmental temperatures. It can facilitate the four USB ports that can provide the charging facility to your digital devices. High power consumption (250W) allows you to keep functional your large gatherings. Besides, the facility of triple power sources (a power unit, a power generator, and a backup battery) can ease your burden of non-functionality during the event. You can perform your work as it produces only 62 decibels of the noise level. It absorbs the high-pressure blast like explosions and the building collapsing, up to 129 PSI. It can give you 500 m3/hour of fresh air. It is equipped with top-graded F9 prefilters that can eliminate the entry of large particles. A high-rated H14 HEPA filter can eliminate the entry of small particles like viruses. Meanwhile activated carbon filter can obstruct the entry of foul gases and odors.

Final Words

Several countries across the world made compulsory to wear masks and frontline healthcare worker must wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Scientists predict that there is no viable cure and only vaccinations can save the lives of humans. Numerous companies are lined up to develop the vaccines against coronavirus.  Some of them have reached clinical trial second level and ensure the WHO to launch at the end of 2020. Nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration systems can lessen the level of coronavirus outbreak to a minimum level. Castellex top quality air filtration systems can protect your family and loved ones from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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