Combat Covid-19 with Castellex

Combat Covid 19 With Castellex

Castellex has been using its knowledge and expertise for designing and manufacturing specialized air filtration systems over the years. It is about time that we now extend that expertise to combat COVID-19.

Castellex, ever since its inception, has constantly improved upon its design methodology to offer novel solutions for emerging and prevalent problems. This time, we applied our inventiveness to fight down the global pandemic wrought by the Corona Virus. We tweaked our existing Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Air Filtration systems to manufacture designs appropriate for stopping the free flow of airborne particles and germs.

 Castellex systems have always been in use for securing bunkers and shelter rooms in various militaristic situations. Now we offer our advanced systems to provide security to domestic spaces as well.

After loads of efforts, we offer Air40 Bio, Air70 Bio and Air90 Bio as our three best air filtration weapons to attack the currently growing pandemic. These systems have been designed with painstaking labor for all domestic use. They can also be effectively utilized for all small scale commercial markets/ individual use to help protect everyone.

How Castellex Air Filtration Systems Help Fight Covid-19

These filters have been constructed to trap most pollutants and particulate matter such as: pollen, common allergens, fine as well as ultrafine particles (such as dust, smoke, soot etc), mould VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and most importantly, germs like bacteria and certain kinds of viruses.

In times like these, what could be more important than plugging the flow of airborne germs before they wield damage to you and your loved ones? However, do bear in mind that Castellex air systems only trap airborne bacteria and viruses so as to prevent them from latching on to surfaces to spread infection.

 You would still be required to follow basic hygiene and uphold all the other rules to contain infection, such as: avoiding crowded spaces, washing your hands continuously, cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces regularly etc.

Castellex Air Biofilters are just an extra protective measure in the multilayer/multistage line of defense to stop the infection from reaching your loved ones.

Features That Strengthen Different Castellex Air Biofilters:

·      Air40 Bio:

Air40 Bio is a two-step filtration and recirculation device which is extremely cost-effective and efficient. It is designed to reduce the concentration of airborne pollutants (including biological ones) in enclosed spaces. It is a practical solution during self-isolation containment units where the movement of persons in-and-out cannot be prevented. It is extremely essential for usage at homes, apartments, hotels etc. It significantly reduces the concentration of toxic particles and biological air borne pathogens by several magnitudes.

Air40 Bio systems can provide protection by purifying 50 cubic meters of air circulating within an enclosed space.

Its inbuilt H14 HEPA filter and UV lamp kills most bacteria and viruses.

However, Air40 Bio doesn’t trap VOCs or Odors. It is a system most effective for inhibiting general pollution and common harmful pathogens.

·      Air70 Bio

Air70 Bio is a four-stage air filtration bio system. It comes packed with all the features of Air40 Bio filter. This means that it is just as effective in trapping and killing all the pathogens and particles as an Air40 Bio.

This system is capable of purifying 90 cubic meters of air every hour.

The only difference is that unlike Air40 Bio, Air70 Bio is also equipped with systemic features to combat VOCs and odors contained in a room. For this very purpose, they come equipped with H-14 HEPA filter and F7 Rated Pre Filter. Additionally, a built-in UV lamp fights bacteria and viruses.

·      Air90 Bio

The third in line of Castellex Air Defense Biosystems is the most advanced biofilter (its design is based on military technologies). However, despite its advanced features, it is still affordable enough compared to other positive pressure air filtration systems available in the market today. Air90 Bio systems are designed to provide absolutely clean filtered air to either the entire building or separate individual rooms at the same time.

These filters work by creating extremely gentle overpressure (also called positive pressure) that prevents contaminated air from slipping through the gaps and cracks.

The Air90 Bio system is capable of providing up to 90 cubic meters of purified air volume per hour

These systems are advanced enough to accord protection to a larger scale of people as compared to the biosystems as discussed above. These systems come packed with H14 HEPA Filters, F7 Filters and active carbon filters. They too, kill pathogens and obliterate odors and VOCs. These filtration systems are suitable mostly for domestic and office use, as they provide effective filtration for small rooms.

·      Air350 Bio

Air350Bio is a fully functional and entry-level full capacity NBC air filtration system. It was initially designed for private survival shelters, bunkers, survivalists etc.

Air350 Bio is designed with full military technology with NBC positive pressure air filtration system which is equipped with an external air inlet and overpressure valve. This system has been designed to provide clean filtered air to a medium sized shelter, bunker, small or mid-sized buildings or separate rooms at the. Although Air350 Bio was initially designed for militaristic protection purposes, we decided to release this product for the general public seeing the current havoc wreaked by the Corona Virus. This system is also equipped with the top-rated H14 HEPA filter, an F9-rated pre filter, and a carbon filter capable of removing all known Biological Pathogens, warfare gases, and nuclear fallout from the air in circulation within an enclosed space.

It can provide overall filtration for up to 24 people within a small panic room. It also has power back up in situation of interruption in power supply and battery discharge.

·      Air550 Bio

Air550 Bio is the last generation fully electronically controlled (ICU), advanced 4 stage NBC air filtration station with daily mode usage and NBC air filtration mode usage incorporated into the same device. This means that you can switch between the two modes as per your convenience of usage.  

This system is fitted with a high efficiency main pre filter, an F7 rated pre filter as well as an inbuilt carbon filter along with the top-rated H14 HEPA filter capable of removing all known pathogens from the air in circulation within the enclosed space.

Air550 Bio can provide protection for 150 cubic meters of air per hour.


Please note, Castellex Air Bio series air filtration devices are solely designed to kill and trap airborne biological contaminants and particulates. The inbuilt UV lamp and HEPA filters (as well as active carbon filters in some product designs) can ensure 100% mortality rate of most bacteria and viruses.

That being said, some biological material (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans etc) can still be very much alive being trapped in the layers of a HEPA filter. The germs can still remain alive or actively dangerous for several days, depending on the species of bacteria/virus. All sold/used HEPA filters can be contaminated by biological pathogens; it means we are morally obligated to not accept the returns on these items for medical reasons. It, still, however, does not affect your customer rights.

However, it is known that Castellex Filtration Biosystems are known to effectively remove Corona Virus particles from actively circulating air within an enclosed space.

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