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Castellex introducing products to fight terrorism

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Castellex are really progressive company in the security industry.
Please note that our Security Strobe Light aesthetically matching our security siren. Nice to the eye design makes it suitable for domestic, offices, jewelers shops, embassies, yachts installation. Our security strobe light has integrated rechargeable lithium battery and does not require any additional power source except 12V power supply direct from alarm panel. As a set Castellex Blaster X and Strobe X makes nice addition to any alarm or security fogging system. Please have a look to our security siren/strobe set combined with fog generator. We supply them at really unbelievable low prices.
Castellex strobe X and Blaster X arranging tests in EU and US shooting grounds. Tests should prove initial factory research results, that shooter affected by Castellex Strobe X and Sound Blaster X drastically loosing shooting performance/ accuracy and also drops overall intensity of firepower. This research are initiated to prove efficiency of our systems protecting government buildings, hotels, etc.. .
Castellex products are designed for people who able to see and appreciate true quality. Just high grade steel, top surface coating techniques, best electronic components are used to build our exceptional product initially designed with high and ultra high end individuals in mind. Now our systems are widely used in embassies, military bases, banks, jewelery shops, yachts, etc..
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Castellex has been protecting private and commercial clients for more than 20 years. Our security consultants are used by high net worth individuals in 15 countries worldwide.
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