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NBC stands for Nuclear Biological and Chemical Air Filtration. In your house, an in-built panic room, bunker, or bomb the shelter can only go so far as to protect your family and all your belongings. In case there is ever a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack of any sort in your area of residence, you should be able to regulate the atmosphere within the space enclosed by your home, to afford maximum survival security.

Castellex shelter ventilation systems are designed keeping this very objective in mind. They do not only operate smoothly in adverse situations, but also provide guaranteed, ever-lasting protection in domestic spaces such as houses located in regions of high allergen, dust or pollutant concentration.

How Castellex Air Filtration Systems Work

Castellex Air Filtration Systems create a positive air pressure within the enclosure of their installation. Castellex Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) air filtration systems plug the flow of the impure air from entering the room without necessarily having to pass through the ventilation unit. The ventilation unit, in turn, is a compact unit of filters which work with a 99.99% efficiency in order to completely remove particles below 0.3 microns size, thereby proving to be one of the most efficient H14 HEPA filters. Power consumption is optimized and audible noise is minimal even in the most powerful of Castellex models– some of which are capable of providing 500 cubic meters of purified air per hour in a room of at most 55 people.

Our air filtration systems are appropriate for versatile purposes, including but not restricted to: installation in domestic spaces, apartment buildings, as well as commercial/mobile units such as schools, stores, malls hospitals, prisons rooms, and other enclosed spaces.

Castellex systems are engineered to be easily installed in most industrial, domestic as well as commercial enclosures. In fact, they are the number one priority by demand for installation in high-risk and sometimes confidential locations such as embassy buildings, palaces, and government offices.

Engineered as life support defence systems against cataclysmic occurrences including war outbreaks, any sort of nuclear, biological or chemical attack, harmful radioactive leakage, thermal power plant breakdown, and even forest fires, Castellex systems’ high design comes equipped with several safety mechanisms. Potent backup batteries and replaceable power generators secure uninterrupted functioning in the direst of situations. Inbuilt USB power ports and sockets transform your underground bunker filtration system to act as a power source for other communications devices as well.

You can definitely place your trust in Castellex systems to not only protect your loved ones but also your possessions and assets. Castellex NBC systems never fail at providing non-stop life support and purest air quality.

Protection against a wide range of chemical attack gases:

Castellex bunker-safe room ventilation units are constructed with multi-stage filtration systems which vary from one model to another. Several models also include activated carbon filters which can remove almost all chemical warfare gases circulating within your enclosed space.  Dangerous Nuclear Contaminants such as radioactive iodine as well as acidic gases, exhaust particulates, biological germs, and volatile organic compounds are promptly removed. All impurities are temporarily lock sealed until safely removed.

Positive pressure filtration turns your already safe enclosure even safer.

Air flows from a region of high pressure to a low one, in order to equalize the pressure difference. This makes it particularly likely to seep through the tiniest of cracks and dents in the walls. Castellex air filtration systems prevent this by increasing the pressure within your panic room/bunker/protected enclosure until it is higher than the air pressure outside of it. While your room’s air pressure is absolutely decent, it plugs the seepage of microscopic air pockets to completely remove contamination. 

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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