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Castellex Air350 NBC Air Filtration Station For Doomsday Bunker

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Whether a nuclear fallout scenario or a major industrial chemical catastrophe, bunkers and shelters are key to enhancing immediate chances of survival. However, no survival or doomsdays shelter, no nuclear bunker is complete without a reliable NBC Air Filtration System, these systems are simply the lungs of the bunker.

There are several NBC / CBRN Air Filtration Systems on the market to choose from, with quality and design varying considerably, but for such a critical feature that guarantees your very well-being, there is no substitute for choosing a NBC system that you can truly rely on, one that has the highest quality of parts, guaranteed backups in cases of power outage and one that is assured to have undergone a meticulous quality control inspection before leaving the factory. Here at Castellex, we are proud of our NBC / CBRN Air Filtration Systems, we take no shortcuts and use only the highest grade materials and the latest military grade technology.

Naturally all equipped with USB power ports to ensure that essential continued contact with the outside world, the Castellex Air series NBC air filtration units stands for critical effectiveness, usability, simplicity in installation and maintenance and importantly in terms of price. Military grade technology and quality at an affordable price for families and individuals that is our promise here at Castellex.

We hope Castellex Air Series NBC  Safe Cell life support systems are never needed, but we work diligently to ensure they are exactly what you need should they be. Naturally we welcome all enquiries and are available for free consultation to discuss specifications and your needs.


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