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“Politico”: Russia walks on a razor’s edge, balancing between victory and nuclear war

In the summer of 2024, Russian forces are gradually, but persistently, attempting to break through Ukraine’s defenses. Ukrainian forces, although professional, are outnumbered in both troops and equipment by the Russians. Ukraine’s allies are doing everything they can to find more weapons and new strategies to support Kyiv. The publication “Politico” noted that this only further deepens Vladimir Putin’s anger towards the West. Article Highlights Western allies’ measures to halt the offensive and the potential Kremlin response could lead to dangerous escalation, further increasing the risk of direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. Russia’s Test Offensive According to journalists, Russia …

NATO is currently in discussions to potentially place more nuclear weapons on standby

A move that reflects escalating concerns over security threats from Russia and China. Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, stated that the alliance is considering these measures as part of an effort to bolster its deterrence capabilities in light of increasing geopolitical tensions. Stoltenberg emphasized the need for NATO to demonstrate its commitment to collective defense and deterrence. This includes taking nuclear weapons out of storage and preparing them for rapid deployment if necessary. The discussions aim to address the evolving security landscape and ensure that NATO remains prepared to counter any potential threats effectively . This potential shift …

Castellex to Attend Eurosatory 2024 in Paris

Castellex is committed to maintaining the highest standards in technology. Their engineering and development team will attend Eurosatory 2024 in Paris to exchange innovative ideas with other industry leaders and look for the latest advancements in NBC/CBRN detection technologies. Castellex consistently focuses on cutting-edge innovations and incorporates advanced technologies to produce top-of-the-line NBC/CBRN systems.

New Threats from V. Putin: Russia May Deploy Missiles Within Striking Distance of the West

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he could deploy conventional missiles within striking distance of the United States and their allies in Europe if they allow Ukraine to strike deeper into Russia with long-range Western weapons. This assertion was made during Putin’s first face-to-face meeting with international news agency editors since the onset of the war in Ukraine. He claimed that the West is mistaken if it believes Russia would never use nuclear weapons and emphasized that the Kremlin’s atomic doctrine should not be taken lightly. When asked about NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s calls to allow Ukraine to …

After the permissions to use Western weapons on Russian territory – reaction from Moscow: A FATAL MISTAKE

The scandalously outspoken Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, reacted to the news that Western countries had allowed Ukraine to strike Russian territory with their weapons. Medvedev’s reaction appeared on his Telegram channel. As usual, the Kremlin’s mouthpiece began with threats. He stated that the Western countries, which supposedly approved the use of their long-range weapons on Russian territory, should understand three things. Medvedev threatened that Russia would destroy “all military equipment, and the specialists fighting against us will be destroyed both in Ukrainian territory and in the territories of other countries if strikes on Russian territory …

Russia Uses Banned Chemical Weapons Along the Entire Front Line

Russia is using banned chemical weapons along the entire front line in Ukraine, particularly chloropicrin gas, to weaken Ukrainian soldiers’ ability to defend fortified positions and even force them to retreat. According to The Wall Street Journal, American and Ukrainian officials, as well as doctors, soldiers, and international investigators, state that as Russia intensifies its offensive, it increasingly employs banned chemical weapons on the battlefield. Earlier this month, the United States announced sanctions against Russian companies and government agencies involved in the development and supply of chemical weapons used at the front, with a particular emphasis on chloropicrin. This chemical, …

Russia has announced plans to conduct military exercises involving tactical nuclear weapons

A decision coming in the wake of recent declarations by European leaders indicating heightened military support for Ukraine. The announcement was made by the Russian Ministry of Defence and emphasized as a response to what Moscow views as provocative statements and actions from Western countries.The tactical nuclear drills are set to involve missile units from the Southern Military District, as well as aviation and naval forces, with the aim of increasing the readiness of Russia’s non-strategic nuclear forces to perform combat missions. The Ministry highlighted that these exercises would involve practicing the preparation and use of tactical nuclear weapons, which …

Putin ordered to conduct nuclear exercises involving soldiers deployed near Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian military to conduct nuclear weapons exercises involving the navy and soldiers deployed near Ukraine, the Defense Ministry announced on Monday. “During the exercises, measures will be taken to practice the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Beginning the war in Ukraine, V. Putin intensified nuclear rhetoric, warning the nation in the summer that the danger of nuclear war is “real.” One of NATO’s most important advantages targeted by Russia: what threat it really poses and to whom ABROAD Italian media: NATO would directly intervene …

The use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine is a wake-up call to the West: sanctions are 30 years late

Russian forces against Ukraine are using chemical weapons that were developed during the First World War, says Ukrainian military expert Ivan Kirichevsky. This is reported by the Ukrainian publication UNIAN. According to Kirichevsky, Russia continues to use chemical weapons in Ukraine to demonstrate its brutality. “Humanity has somehow evolved to a point where it’s too cruel to use chemical weapons on the battlefield, but the Russians are stuck in the Middle Ages and never come out of there to show their brutality,” says Kirichevsky. According to the expert, the K-51 grenade with chloropicrin, which the Russians used against Ukrainian defence …

North Korea has recently bolstered its military connections with Moscow

The state news agency KCNA reported on Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un observed a trial of a reactive flamethrower system. Kim Jong Un’s remarks indicate that despite being essentially isolated, North Korea has recently bolstered its military connections with Moscow, expressing gratitude to Russia earlier this month for vetoing UN Security Council actions. In March, Moscow, a key ally of Pyongyang, utilized its veto power in the UN Security Council to effectively impede UN oversight of North Korea’s sanction violations. Despite UN sanctions prohibiting it, Seoul and Washington accuse North Korea of supplying weaponry to Russia. Analysts …

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