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Post Apocalyptic Nbc Air Filtration

Castellex Air550HCC Ultimate

Whether it would be war, terrorism, natural disasters or outbreaks of new diseases that you are preparing yourself for – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And a perfect way to do so is by following the Rule of Threes. In survival, the Rule of Threes states that humans can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without oxygen. While all of these conditions are extremely important, you must understand that these conditions are prioritized by levels with the most important one being oxygen. Without oxygen, all other conditions …

NBC air filtration unit Castellex Air550uh Desert

New release: Castellex Air550UH Desert

At the request of our partners from the Middle East, we modified our most popular NBC air filtration system Air550 and launched an upgraded version – Air550UH Desert. Air550UH Desert is designed to work in harsh dusty conditions. Crucial design modifications, composite materials, and the unique prefiltering system allow the Air550UH Desert to operate on our planet’s harshest / dustiest conditions without affecting the durability, longevity, and filtering efficiency of the Castellex NBC station. If you’re looking for the most reliable and efficient NBC air filtration system designed to work in extreme desert conditions, look no further – Castellex Air550UH …

Castellex Air500 series

Pollution crisis in Delhi!

Poor quality air in Delhi irreversibly damages the lungs of 2.2 million or 50% of children. Air pollution is already the fifth largest killer in India. Now situation gone worse – now pollution 400 times above safe levels. Even chief minister Arvind Kejriwal called the city – “gas chamber”. Visibility is so bad that flights were redirected from Delhi airport. The toxic mixture is so dense that people on streets struggling to breathe and could barely keep their eyes open. Schools are closed. Castellex Air Filtration stations can save peoples lives in the world’s most polluted cities.

North Korea Has Tested Several New Missile Designs This Year, Including A New Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile Fired From A Platform In The Sea

North Korea has tested several new missile designs this year, including a new submarine-launched ballistic missile fired from a platform in the sea.

The latest test of the “super-large multiple rocket launchers”, following two tests in August and September of the same rocket launcher weapon called “continuous fire system”. North Korea is engaged in increasingly escalatory behaviour. North Korea repeatedly emphasises an end-of-the-year deadline for denuclearisation talks with Washington that Kim set earlier this year. The crisis continues to escalate.

Castellex Air350 Nbc Air Filtration Station At Taito Ward Industrial Fair 2019 Japan Nbc And Cbrn Air Filtration For Shelters And Bunkers

Taito Ward Industrial Fair 2019 Japan

Castellex Air350 NBC air filtration station at Taito Ward Industrial Fair 2019 Japan

Castellex Nbc Air Filtration Unit Air350 At Riscon Tokyo

UK-made NBC Filtration system “Castellex AIR350” at the largest disaster prevention convention “RISCON” in Japan

Natural Promotion Co., Ltd exhibited the UK-made NBC Filtration system “Castellex AIR350” at the largest disaster prevention convention “RISCON” in Japan. “Castellex AIR350” is a disaster prevention product that can easily convert a room in your home into a nuclear shelter. RISCON is the largest comprehensive trade show in Japan with the theme of “crisis management”. This year, 18,486 customers from Japan and overseas visited and attracted interest in Castellex AIR350. Risk Control in Tokyo (RISCON TOKYO) is one of the largest comprehensive risk management trade shows in Japan, which markets advanced products and services that cover potential operational risks …

Castellex Air350 at Riscon Tokyo 2019

イギリス製NBC災害対応空気清浄機「Castellex AIR350」について、日本最大の防災コンベンション「RISCON」に実機展示いたしました。

株式会社ナチュラルプロモーションでは、イギリス製NBC災害対応空気清浄機「Castellex AIR350」について、日本最大の防災コンベンション「RISCON」に実機展示いたしました。 「Castellex AIR350」は自宅の一室を簡単に核シェルター化できる防災製品です。 RISCONは『危機管理』をテーマにした日本国内最大級の総合トレードショーです。今年は、18486名の国内外のお客様が来場し、Castellex AIR350にも関心が集まりました。   <Castellex AIR350実機展示 展示会開催概要> イベント名:危機管理産業展2019   開催日時:2019年10月2日(水)~2019年10月4日(金)10時から17時 開催場所:東京ビックサイト青海展示棟(住所:東京都江東区青海1-2-33) Castellex AIR350 製品特徴: ・日本人でも簡単に扱える設計で、女性の方でも簡単に操作可能。勿論設置もシンプル。 ・増設可能、場所をとらないコンパクト設計。 ・最大24名対応するハイパワーモデル。 ・蓄電池搭載で停電時にも対応。USB端子搭載で携帯の充電も可能。 ・法人さまからご家庭のお茶の間まで日本国内で導入されています。 ・民間から軍事施設まで、世界で活躍中。アメリカ、欧州、中東に多くの導入事例があります。 ナチュラルプロモーションは世界で活躍するユニークな防災製品、次世代の防災製品の販売を展開しています。 防災に関するいかなる相談もお気軽にお問い合わせください。 お問い合わせ 株式会社ナチュラルプロモーション 国際渉外 田面 徹 ■Castellex AIR350公式ホームページ ■危機管理産業展

Spring Allergy


La contaminación del aire puede ser un problema en el que no piensas, pero la verdad es que deberías hacerlo. Porque nada es más vital para la vida que respirar, y el aire que respiramos, incluso en interiores, está extremadamente contaminado. Si es cierto que la contaminación es inevitable, hay una manera de garantizar que el aire en su hogar sea lo más saludable posible. Esta solución son los sistemas de filtración de aire. Castellex fabrica sistemas de filtración de aire NBC, por sus siglas en inglés (Nuclear Biológico Químico), que se utilizan frecuentemente en bunkers militares para proteger contra …

Castellex Air350 Air Filtration City Smog

Military Technologies Can Now Save Civilians’ Everyday Lives!

Air pollution may be a problem you don’t think about, but the truth is – you should. Because nothing is more vital to life than breathing – and the air we breathe, even indoors, is extremely polluted. While pollution is unavoidable, there is a way to ensure the air in your home is as healthy as could be. This solution is air filtration systems. Castellex manufactures NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration Systems, which are widely used in military bunkers to protect against Nuclear and chemical contamination. However, now these air filtration systems are becoming more and more popular amongst …


Corea del Norte se prepara para el lanzamiento de un misil

La situación nuclear continúa agravándose y perturba la paz mundial. Solo es cuestión de tiempo para que se tomen medidas de prevención efectivas antes de que la situación se salga de control. Recientemente, los términos entre los EE.UU. y Corea del Norte han sido muy críticos, en donde el país asiático ha estado evitando sanciones en un contexto de proliferación de armas nucleares. En aquellos temas en donde antes el país estaba dispuesto a llegar a un acuerdo, las circunstancias actuales dicen todo lo contrario. Las últimas imágenes satelitales de una instalación  en Corea del Norte sugieren que el país …

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