Bio Air Purifiers to Reduce the Risk of Infection

Family Protected From Coronovirus

The recent global health crisis has highlighted the importance of advanced air purification systems in enclosed spaces. Although air purifiers have been in existence for decades, air filtration systems have gained popularity in the recent past. Air filtration systems are the first line of defence against airborne diseases.

Whether you operate a restaurant, retail shop, or office, you have to adopt appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of your customers and employees. You can install bio air purifiers to enhance protection against airborne diseases and infections in your establishment.

Why is it Important to Install Bio Air Purifiers in Enclosed Spaces?   

Infectious airborne particles can be transmitted from person to person through the air. Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens can remain active in the air for hours. The risk of airborne infections is exceptionally high in offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other enclosed spaces with poor air circulation. Commonly shared spaces in business premises are frequented by random customers throughout the day. Any active particles exhaled into the air can be inhaled by another customer hours later, leading to infection. 

As the number of customers visiting your premises increases in peak hours, the risk of airborne infection increases exponentially. This is why installing bio air purifiers in your restaurant, retail store, or offices is very important.   

How Bio Air Filtration Systems Purify the Air 

Advanced air purification systems are designed to circulate freshly cleaned air in buildings. These systems are designed with the latest high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems. HEPA filters fitted in bio air purifiers are capable of removing pollutants, disease-causing microscopic particles, bacteria, viruses, and many more. These systems innovatively combine several air filters to deliver unparalleled filtration of airborne infectious particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filtration systems are approved for purifying the air in enclosed spaces by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Several studies have shown that bio air purifiers can protect against airborne diseases and infections in enclosed spaces.

Air from enclosed spaces with potentially infectious particles is sucked into the system and goes through several filters. Each filter is designed to remove specific sizes and types of microscopic particles, bacteria, and viruses. As air passes through each filter, the number and types of disease-causing microscopic organisms decline while the purity of the air increases.

By the end of the filtration process, bio air purifiers will remove over 99.97% of all particle sizes. The freshly cleaned air is recirculated back into your premises. Based on the importance of air purification systems in enclosed spaces, you should not compromise on quality and effectiveness. To reduce the risk of airborne infections in your business, you need the best air filtration system for enclosed spaces in the market like Castellex.

About Castellex Bio Air Purifiers

Castellex is a UK based manufacturer of sophisticated purification systems and stand-alone air purifiers. The company’s Bio Series Air Purifiers are highly effective and offer unparalleled protection against airborne diseases in enclosed spaces. One of the many advantages of Castellex Bio Air Purifiers is the use of the cutting-edge H14 HEPA filters and impregnated carbon filters. You can get Castellex Air 350 Bio designed with three-stage filtration systems or Castellex Air 550 Bio if you need four-stage filtration systems. Cutting-edge filter technology coupled with the number of filtration stages makes Castellex Bio Air Purifiers highly suitable for purifying the air in enclosed spaces. It is the perfect solution to reduce the risk of airborne infections in your business premises.

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