Berlin, Ramstein and Büchel on a list of Russian nuclear targets

Berlin, Ramstein And Büchel On A List Of Russian Nuclear Targets

Russia discusses the use of nuclear weapons ahead of invasion Weeks before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, possible scenarios for using nuclear weapons against Germany were discussed within the Kremlin’s military, Welt quotes sources as saying. Western intelligence allegedly revealed this information, intercepting Russian conversations while the Russian navy conducted planned manoeuvres in the Baltic Sea last year. It is noted that the radio transmissions referred to three main targets against which nuclear weapons could be used: Berlin, the US air force base at Ramstein, and Büchel air base in Germany. It is believed that talk of the use of nuclear weapons is routinely mentioned during military exercises, as NATO forces have done so. Thus, such talk does not always mean real danger. Nevertheless, according to other sources, the Russians were aware that Western intelligence could eavesdrop on them, so they deliberately talked about the possible use of nuclear weapons in order to deepen fear in Western countries.
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