Being Prepared When SHTF

Being Prepared When Shtf

“To be prepared is half the victory.”

Miguel de Cervantes

So, what is it like to be prepared? Being prepared means that you’re ready whenever, wherever, however, and so on. Being prepared doesn’t mean setting up a fire alarm. Being prepared means knowing what to do when the alarm goes off. In this trying time, being ready is a must for everyone all around the world. Danger could come at any time right on your doorstep and if you’re not prepared then it’s a game over. You only live once and the life you have is precious. So why waste it by being unready. Dangers come in many shapes and forms and we have to be ready for all, the one we have currently is the COVID-19 19 virus. COVID-19 19 have affected a lot of people many have died because of it. The numbers keep on growing and after a while it reached the numbers of hundreds of thousands. While this is a problem, there are bigger problems we could face in a close period of time that no one can expect. There are plenty of problems such as riots from radical groups that caused havoc and destruction throughout the city. Which create a big possibility for government such as in the united states to apply martial law. Or how all the protest will possibly create a fall of government where the possibility is high especially during this economy and COVID-19 situation. More over a civil war against other people is possible in the heat of the moment. Other than that, the wars that are going on in the world is created daily and some of the war is still ongoing to this day. According to the BBC, nine countries have supplies of nuclear weapons such as the USA, UK, Russia, and China just to name a few. The numbers of nuclear weapons in the world currently reached 14000 spread around the world, mostly owned by Russia and the USA. According to research made by the Federation of American Scientists, countries such as China, Pakistan, India, and North Korea are believed to be producing more. The UK and us are still modernizing and upgrading their existing armory. In January 13 2018, Hawaii’s ballistic missile threat system blared an alert across the united states and according to business insider, many people don’t know what to do and was afraid on what’s going to happen to them. Fortunately, it was a mistake and nobody’s harmed. There has been many chances of war such as Russia and the United states, India and china with recent conflict, or North Korea with the United States. Fortunately, nothing bad ever happened yet. The chances of a missile or nuclear weapon coming to your front lawn is low, but never zero. When these events inevitably occur, havoc will be everywhere across the world. During the false Hawaii alarm in January 2018, people were scared and scattered around aimlessly trying to desperately survive. When a real attack happens, people will resolve back to their animalistic behavior and will do anything to survive. It will be every man for himself type of situation where everyone thinks that no lives matter except theirs. Supermarkets will be stormed and supplies will be empty in a quick second. Even during COVID-19, people stocked up on toilet papers, who knows what will happen when a more threatening event occurs.

During this time, there’s nothing you can do except sit and pray. Fortunately, the time haven’t come and there’s still time to be prepared for this. When it comes to looting the last remaining supply in stores, the swift and strong will win. However, the smart will already have all the stock they need and will be ready in their bunkers already. Having a bunker is already half the effort you need to do to survive an apocalypse, an attack, and so forth. A bunker should be filled with essential needed to survive. By building one, you should be knowledgeable about what is important and how to survive other scenarios. The basic rules of survival are the rules of three which is 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. Types of food in your bunker should be the type of food to last a long time and shelf-stable. Canned, dried, MRE, instant foods are some example of foods that should be the first pick. Rice and wheat or oats are acceptable too. Next important thing on the list is water. Our body is 70% water and we need to replenish it daily. Water supply should be enough for the people in the shelter and should be stored safely. A LifeStraw can also be brought in case the water supply is gone. Entertainment should also be there because we won’t know how long we should stay in the bunker. Doing nothing for 6 months won’t be fun. In those entertainment part, survival books, videos, or how to’s should be included to grow knowledge. Basic hygiene equipment and first aid kit should also be there, along with prescripted medicines. A few weapons from small things such as a pocket knife to a 12-gauge shotgun will somehow be useful. Lastly, basic tools should be available to use. When you have a bunker ready and fully equipped, people who don’t will inevitably beg you to let them in and it’s up to you to let them in or not. Supplies should be multiplied as more people coming into the bunker.

Bunkers will have airtight walls to not let contaminated air go through. Meaning, the air inside is limited and won’t even last a week. O2 canister won’t help as the duration you need to be there is unguaranteed. The best and only option is to have an air filtration system. An air filtration system is a device that pumps out the co2 inside and pumps in clean filtered air from the outside. It is the heart of your bunker and the bunker itself is useless without it. Castellex air filtration system is the best choice to use for your bunker or even for a day to today uses.

Castellex provides a variety of air filtration units that suits people with their needs. Air350 NBC for example, is an air filtration unit that is affordable with a price. It fulfills the basic needs of what an air filtration system should be. Not only that, their units are user friendly for the users so when shit really hits the fan, you don’t need to be a mechanic to know how these things work. Air550 NBC air filtration is probably the best seller there. It is more advanced and functional than the Air350 and its cleverly designed to allow the user to easily switch modes from daily ventilation to NBC mode when SHTF. For ultimate serious preppers, the Air550HCC ultimate is the unit for you. The air goes through 4 stages of NBC filtering and is made to last longer. For places that are prone for dust or dessert type environment, the Air550UH Desert is a perfect choice. It is built to withstand dusty conditions and the harshest/dustiest condition that earth provides, won’t stop this unit or even affect its durability. Air pressure will be high in the bunker and mould will inevitably come without the proper ventilation system. Having Castellex air filtration unit will prevent that. If the receive no power, users can still manually pump ensuring the safety of their family.

When the time comes, and it will, panicking won’t do you any good. Being prepared on the contrary, will save your life. Money can’t buy happiness but it can’t buy safety. The top 1% of the population already have bunkers and are ready for everything. So why can’t we? If you’re not the one being cautious about your own life then who will?

Be safe, by being prepared.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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