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Global pandemic changed priorities in every family everyday life. Virus protection market is booming now. More people than ever are searching for ways to protect themselves and their families from this dangerous and highly contagious disease, NOW is the perfect time to offer them the right protection and hope they need to weather this storm. Join our successful affiliate program and begin your winning operation! High customer demand, the right product, the right price, and high profits.

With years of experience in specialized air ventilation manufacturing we became industry experts. We know the ins and outs of the most sophisticated air ventilation systems for all types of protection including Biological filtration/ UV sanitisation one. Should you need clean, free from Bacteria and Viruses air, then you in the right place.

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Castellex has vast experience in designing and manufacturing NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Air Filtration/ Air supply stations for different applications. It’s widely used across the Globe by military, hospitals, private individuals. No nuclear bunker or survival shelter is completed without the state of the art Castellex NBC air filtration station.
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