Analysis of U.S. Analytics: Vladimir Putin’s statements that he does not intend to fight with NATO are very similar to those he made before invading Ukraine

Analysis Of U.s. Analytics Vladimir Putin's Statements That He Does Not Intend To Fight With Nato Are Very Similar To Those He Made Before Invading Ukraine

The statement by Russian leader Vladimir Putin that Russia is not interested in invading NATO countries is very similar to the repeated statements made by the Kremlin at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, as well as on the eve of the invasion that Russia does not intend to invade Ukraine, according to a report by the U.S. Institute for the Study of War (ISW). ISW analyzed a detailed interview with Vladimir Putin on December 17th for Russian television, where he threatened Finland and asserted that Russia has no geopolitical, economic, military, or territorial reasons to fight with NATO. The ISW report states, “Vladimir Putin’s assurances of his peaceful intentions toward NATO sound like empty promises in the context of his recent and Kremlin experts’ threats to NATO member states.” In the December 17th interview, Putin also attempted to refute U.S. President Joe Biden’s warning on December 6th that if Russia wins the war in Ukraine, it will attack a NATO country. ISW analysts believe that all these assurances are unfounded. Putin wants NATO to recognize Russia’s claims, demands, and perceived sphere of influence and has repeatedly spoken about Russia’s intention to end “U.S. hegemony.” Putin has employed hybrid warfare methods to weaken the West and its position in the world order, say ISW analysts, before invading Ukraine in 2014. Previously, Putin stated that there would be “problems” with Finland and that Finland’s entry into NATO prompted Russian officials to begin forming the Leningrad military district and mobilizing military units in northwestern Russia.

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