Air350 and Air550

Air350 installed in Nuclear Shelter

Hi, how are you all survivalists out there? In today’s post, we’re going to
talk about our NBC (Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical) based air filtration

The names of the air filtration systems are Air350 and Air550. Why are
these air filtration systems important for survivalists like you?

Because they purify the air. Alright, this doesn’t answer your question
but bear with us and within the next few seconds, you’ll have your

Here are the Survivalist Rules of 3, in total it contains 4 rules.

● You can survive 3 weeks without food (considering you’ve got
water, shelter and oxygen)

● You can survive for 3 days without water (considering you’ve got
shelter and oxygen)
● You can survive for 3 hours in a harsh environment (considering
you’ve got oxygen)

● You can survive for only 3 minutes without oxygen (air)

As you can see, you can have it all. Food, shelter, and water. But, if the
air isn’t purified (lacks oxygen) you’re going to experience the fastest
death possible.

Since Air350 and Air550 both purify the air, an air filtration system
should be the priority for preppers and survivalists.

Why do survivalists suddenly need oxygen?

This is a good question. Because if you’re a survivalist and you’re living
in a bunker or shelter shouldn’t there already have oxygen in the
bunker? Shouldn’t the air be already purified enough?

The answer to both of these questions is a yes. What is the problem? In
case you don’t know, viruses such as Covid-19 spread through the air.

Once such viruses are in the air, let’s just say the air isn’t purified
anymore. This is where these two air filtration systems shine.

These air filtration systems purify the air, which allows you to breathe
without being at a real risk of dying.

You can probably see why Air350 and Air550 are important for
drastically improving your chances of survival during the pandemic.

But, there is one point we’d like to address before expecting you to
believe that this is the case. The point is, the government has already

created the vaccine and with time they’ll increase the amount. In such a
case, you don’t really need an air filtration system, right?

The quick answer is, it’s wrong. The first thing is even if the government
has enough vaccines ready by 6-8 months from now, there is a chance
that you can still get infected.
But, since you haven’t gotten infected by now, why would you get
infected in the next few months? To be honest, if spending a little
money drastically improves your chances of survival, then you should
do it.

If you’re still not convinced, be ready for what you’re about to hear
next. Various new viruses have been created during the pandemic.
Some as a result of Covid-19 and some for other reasons.

Let’s just say that the government is able to produce enough vaccines
for everyone within a few months, still there is actually a good chance a
new virus could become a national or even an international issue.

Unfortunately, there is more bad news. During the pandemic, the
anxiety levels have skyrocketed. There are two factors behind this
sudden increase.

People are afraid and there have been huge lifestyle changes because
of the pandemic.

Alright, now the question is why are times when anxiety and stress
levels are incredibly high is bad? Because history has taught us when

anxiety and stress levels are incredibly high, war is very likely to

Because countries like Russia and North Korea own nuclear technology,
the importance of the air filtration systems increases even more.
Because even if a person survived the blast, they will most likely not
survive the infrared heat radiation.
The Air350 and Air550 are both NBC air filtration systems. They will
absorb the heat radiation from air and your survival chances will
increase by leaps and bounds.

Features of Air350 and Air550

In this section, we’re going to talk about the features of Air 350 and Air

  1. First we’re going to tell you the names of the features and then
    we’re going to discuss them in detail.

Here are all the features of these two air filtration systems:
● Former military technology design
● Ideal for small/mid bunkers and shelters
● NBC technology
● External air inlet and overpressure value

These air filtration systems will play a huge hand at making your
shelter/bunker safe. They provide clean air to the shelter/bunker and at

the same time creates gentle overpressure that prevents the
contaminated gas from spreading throughout the gaps.

Both of these air filters prevent the airborne pollutants from
penetrating into the enclosed spaces. This feature is incredibly
important for families who have an infected person living among them.
An infected person can spread the virus by touching objects and even
coughing out the pollutants into the air. The air filtration systems will
kill these pollutants and drastically reduce the chances of virus

These air filtration systems also absorb the VOCs and Odours from the
environment. Air350 and Air550 have essentially the same features.
The only difference is in the ventilation system.

The Air350 only has NBC ventilation. You can’t get normal ventilation
even if you want it. The NBC ventilation isn’t as fresh as daily ventilation
but that’s the price you’ll have to pay for your safety.

For people who really want daily ventilation they should buy Air550. It
offers both types of ventilation. You can switch to NBC or daily
ventilation whenever you want.

Note: It’s important to know that Air350 and Air550 does not kill
bacteria or any other viruses. They only trap them. The virus/bacteria is
absorbed into the HEPA layer of the air filtration system and inside that
layer, the virus/bacteria can live for weeks and can even be deadly.

Whether the virus/bacteria stays alive or not, and is deadly or not,
depends on the type of virus/bacteria. For this reason, precaution while
using these systems is essential.

One last thing. These systems are non-refundable. The reason is
because the virus/bacteria can still be alive inside the HEPA layer.

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