After the permissions to use Western weapons on Russian territory – reaction from Moscow: A FATAL MISTAKE

After The Permissions To Use Western Weapons On Russian Territory

The scandalously outspoken Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, reacted to the news that Western countries had allowed Ukraine to strike Russian territory with their weapons. Medvedev’s reaction appeared on his Telegram channel. As usual, the Kremlin’s mouthpiece began with threats. He stated that the Western countries, which supposedly approved the use of their long-range weapons on Russian territory, should understand three things. Medvedev threatened that Russia would destroy “all military equipment, and the specialists fighting against us will be destroyed both in Ukrainian territory and in the territories of other countries if strikes on Russian territory come from there.”

“Russia considers that the long-range means used by Ukraine are directly controlled by NATO military personnel. This is not ‘military assistance’ but participation in a war against us. And such actions by them can become a casus belli (a cause for war),” said Medvedev. The disillusioned Russian politician also said that NATO would allegedly have to determine how to qualify the consequences of possible retaliatory strikes against the equipment, objects, and military personnel of certain bloc countries according to Articles 4 and 5 of the Washington Treaty. He added that the NATO leadership allegedly wants to pretend that these are sovereign decisions of individual North Atlantic Alliance countries to support the Kyiv regime and that there is no basis to apply the rule of the 1949 Collective Self-Defense Treaty.

“These are dangerous and harmful mistakes. Such ‘individual assistance’ by NATO countries against Russia, whether it means the control of its long-range cruise missiles or the dispatch of troop contingents to Ukraine, is a serious escalation of the conflict. Ukraine and its NATO allies will face such a devastating force in response that the Alliance itself will simply not be able to refrain from getting involved in the conflict,” Medvedev threatened. He also hinted that the notion that Russia would never use non-strategic nuclear weapons against Ukraine, let alone against individual NATO countries, is mistaken.

“Life is much scarier than their frivolous musings. Just a few years ago, they claimed that Russia would not engage in an open military conflict with the Banderite regime to avoid upsetting the West. They miscalculated. A war is ongoing. They can also miscalculate by using portable weapons. Although this will be a fatal mistake,” said Medvedev. He added that this “is not a threat or nuclear bluff.” According to Medvedev, “the military conflict with the West is developing according to the worst-case scenario.”

“Today, no one can rule out the conflict transitioning to its final stage,” he noted.

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